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Mar. 13

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content curationThe internet is an overflowing mass of content and good content often gets buried under the vast multitude. ‘Why?’ you ask? The web is a gigantic volume of pages which has an enormous ever-increasing amount of search spam. The end result is that finding a reliable source of useful content has become very difficult with added noise and dispersion. That is why today Content Curation exists.

What is Content Curation?

The idea behind content curation is to gather interesting information on a subject and catalogue it for the common benefit of everyone.  This is especially needed more because the web is becoming more social and there is growing amount of internet spam. Content Curation brings more utility, and organization and companies connecting with customers through valued content will open up new dynamics of communication that goes beyond just brand created marketing messages.

The Different Types Of Content Curation:

Types of Content Curation
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Content curation is an umbrella term for many activities. The five major types of content curation are as follows:

  1. Content Aggregation: The idea is simple here you take all the interesting and related content about a topic and gather it at one place. You will find many aggregators over the web.
  2. Distillation: The idea here is to remove all the useless parts relating to the topic and getting to the most important and relevant topic. Social content curation falls into this category.
  3. Elevation: This is more about spotting trends. The curator observes some interesting facts or patterns from daily musings. You can say most of the time infographics are born from the process.
  4. Mashups: You pick up bits up pieces of information from everywhere and put it together to create an entirely original piece of content in this type of content curation.
  5. Chronology: You put up your content on a timeline to show how a topic has changed over time.

What can Content Curation do for your SEO Marketing ?


Practically speaking you must be wondering as to what purpose content curation can serve you. And rightly so. I will list out the benefits as to what ends you can apply content curation:

  •  Extending Long Tail Reach: From an SEO point of view by dedicating a blog section of your website you are going to put more useful content related to the subject of your site. This is a very useful way to extend the long tail reach of your website.
  • Finding sources for original content:  When you collect new and interesting information on any topic you can re-use the content or come up with newer original content.
  • Social Signals: When you get some really attractive content that people are going to like they are definitely going to share it over their respective social media networks. This allows you to get hold of your social signals and boost them.
  • Become an Authoritative source: When you share and credit only the best sources , people will also look at you as an authoritative source of information and your sources will also want to be cited by you. Also we all know that authoritative sources rank better on Google.

Here was a basic idea about content curation. We will go deep into the phases of content curation and what tools you can use for it this Saturday. Keep a look out.


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