Spectacular September at Let’s Nurture with the plethora of new skills and ideas

05 Oct. 18

The beginning of fall, September was filled with a plethora of new skills & Innovative Ideas for Let’s Nurture. We had an awesome time this month as we embarked upon various new projects and participated in different events. Here’s a glance at it:

IoT based healthcare solution won Slush Singapore 2018 Startups Challenge

IoT based healthcare solution won Slush
IoT based healthcare solution won Slush

Let’s Nurture has shown the potential to be the best IoT solution providers and has proven it by helping many of its customers from Australia, Singapore, Canada in winning challenges like Slush. The IoT experts at Let’s Nurture worked hand-in-hand with a Startup based in Singapore and delivered IoT based healthcare app project which won the start-up challenge.

Karconnect Presentation with Deloitte Innovations

Karconnect Presentation with Deloitte Innovations
Karconnect Presentation with Deloitte Innovations

KarConnect(IoT solution of Let’s Nurture) was selected amongst Top start-ups in India by Deloitte Innovations and team Let’s Nurture was invited for a presentation for “Startup Immersion Workshop in Delhi”.

Our ODC had the privilege to welcome clients

Our ODC had the privilege to welcome clients
Our ODC had the privilege to welcome clients

We on-boarded a new project as the esteemed client visited our offshore development center in Ahmedabad for the kickoff meeting. We are looking forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship.

IoT Blockchain Think Tank Meet-up

IoT Blockchain Think Tank Meet-up
IoT Blockchain Think Tank Meet-up

Our Nurturers are always in search of opportunities where they can expand their knowledge and share ideas. Our team of Blockchain developers and IoT experts took the initiative to organize the first ever Think Tank Meet-up in Ahmedabad. The event began with knowing the basics of IoT and Blockchain and discussing the various IoT industries where blockchain can be implemented. Then for a better understanding of solutions developed by the Let’s Nurture team like Konnected Art, Smart Plants brainstorming session took place. Followed by more discussion on the solution like Smart Garbage Collection system, smart button and how IoT & Blockchain can be implemented in the Real estate industry.  

Recruitment Drive at Bhubaneshwar

Recruitment Drive at Bhubaneshwar
Recruitment Drive at Bhubaneshwar

We are always in search of culturally diverse and fresh talent. This time we headed off to Bhubaneshwar and Team Lets Nurture conducted an extensive Recruitment drive across 4 colleges in and around Bhubaneswar, to augment our ever-expanding need for talent and fresh blood.

Skill Improvement Activities

We, at Let’s Nurture, believe that “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” That is why one day of every month is entirely dedicated to lessons and tips on improving skills for everyone beyond their current roles.

Blogathan winners
Blogathan winners
  • The day started with Blogathan, where each person was given a topic to write on. The event was guided and judged by Mr. Abhishek Amin (Digital marketing manager), under his guidance participants came up with some really cool contents
  • The iPhone development department researched more on Alexa and Google Home skill development
Presentation on integrated solutions
Presentation on integrated solutions
  • Presentation by the BA team on various integrated solutions using technologies like RFID tags, software and hardware development, 2D barcodes & more.
  • Code Review by team Leader’s of iOS app development team and python team.
  • Our web team took part in WordPress setup and R&D for Facebook through mobile verification.
  • The design team created various wire-frames using Sketch(design toolkit)

mentors gave inputs

  • Our mentors gave inputs to all the team leaders regarding things to be taken care of while taking interviews.
  • The whole tech management team took part in Quality assured testing for all the projects in order to improvise the QA.
Dental check-up
Dental check-up

  Our HR department took the initiative to organize a free Dental check of all the employees by a reputed dentist of the city as a part of corporate wellness campaign and spreading awareness about dental health.

Bday celebration
Birthday celebration

   As Oprah Winfrey says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” We make sure that each and every nurturer feel special on their special day that is why we always celebrate bday with cakes and happiness around.

Excellent Project on-board and deliveries


Project On-boarded

IoT based health tracker for critical patients

We are the best IoT app development and IoT solutions company in India. Based on our extensive experience with web application development, our expert team got a project for development of an IoT based health tracker for the client using Swift, JS, PHP Laravel/MySQL technologies. The application is focused to help the critical patients to track and identify serious health-related issues.

Sports Fantasy Platform for an Indian Client

Sports App development has been one of the major subsets of our services. Based on our extensive experience with, our in-house team has started developing a Native iOS application & Native Android application using technologies XCode, JS, PHP/ MySQL. We will develop the website with intuitive User Interface (UI) that will keep users engaged to it and additionally, we will also provide marketing services that help spread awareness of upcoming league among users of the mobile application.

Vaccination calendar utility app for a client from Middle East Asia

Due to our expertise in web application development. We got this project from a middle east Asian client for an application which works as a calendar for vaccinations. The users will get regular updates and notifications about the upcoming vaccinations.

Map based Navigation app for Africa continent

We also signed for a project for the development of a navigation application for the Africa continent. This application will work as a map covering the whole African continent and help the people to navigate the places in and around Africa.


Projects Delivered

Multimedia sharing iOS application

The iPhone app development team developed an application where photos and videos can be shared securely and privately within a closed group with just a click.

Web Application for flower/vegetable retailer

Highly skilled web developers at Let’s Nurture recently completed this project. They developed a marketplace application where the users can buy fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables of various varieties.

Alexa Voice Skill: Mileage Calculator

Our in-house team of Alexa skill experts developed an Alexa skill where the user can easily calculate the mileage just by answering a few parameters to Alexa like the distance traveled by the vehicle, fuel used and the cost of fuel. Our expertise in Alexa skill development is expanding day by day.

Revamped web application for corporates

Our veteran PHP developers delivered a responsive web app which basically works as a forum for corporates. And the users can manage all his/her activities from one place.

Bike Rental Web Application

Based on our extensive experience with web application development, our Web Team recently worked on a Web Application, wherein user can use the application to rent bikes at any remote location.

Canada based Driving Licence Practice Test application

Canada based traffic Signs learning application
Canada based traffic Signs learning application

Our in-house team of expert React native developers have developed a Driving license Practice test application using which the people living in Canada can learn about different traffic signs and give tests  to test knowledge of what they have learned.  

Australia based Driving Licence Practice Test application

Australia based traffic Signs learning application
Australia based traffic Signs learning application

Due to our huge client base in Australia, our React Native developers developed the traffic signs learning & driving license Practice app for the people living in Australia also.

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