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Oct. 16

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It is not the evolution of internet that is leading a colossal amount of audience towards a leverage use of social selling. Instead, it is the tremendous vivacity demonstrated by the consumer interaction that has made its way edging towards it. The world is moving from a conventional perspective on online shopping to an atypical standpoint of social selling.

The sales via online stores are progressively slowing down because of the growth in social-driven retail stores. The traditional mass marketing concept has lost its relevance among the millennials. As a result, the graph of social commerce notion has started pointing towards the sky.

The fast paced generation of millennials, is looking for a betterment of their shopping experience. However, they also want the ‘trust factor’ to remain intact. Hence, the top social networking websites have come with the feature that enables social selling.

Online Marketplace – From e-commerce to Social Commerce

A concept of finding multiple vendors under one domain forms an ‘online marketplace’. It isn’t taking over e-commerce but surely, it elevates the social & interactive selling aspect.

  • Facebook has always been on top when it comes to social networking websites. It has started re-inventing itself by adding more user interactive features like ‘ buy now’. Facebook just made its ‘pages’ module an online marketplace for shopping enthusiasts & SMBs looking to target them.
  • Following Facebook, is the celebrities’ favorite, ‘Twitter’. Yes, it is trending. The buy button on Twitter enables the marketers to display their best selling products and lets the users give a whole new experience of online shopping. Unlike Facebook, Twitter helps the brands looking for capitalizing on real time and trending events.
  • Forbes has recognized Instagram as ‘the most powerful selling tool’ because of its ‘sponsored’ feature. It adds a hue to its ‘shop now’, ‘install’ and ‘learn more’ feature. A picture speaks better than words. Accordingly, it is true in case of Instagram as it has helped many brands to get its recognition through social selling.

Pulling the curtains over the traditional e-commerce websites

What makes the consumers happy is a real time response enabling a satisfactory shopping experience. And in this process, what helps the interaction effortless is the outset of chatbots. This inception of AI has been building the bridge for the Brand-to-Customer interactions.

We have an entire generation of mobile-native patron that has enabled this paradigm shift to take place. Moreover, adapting this version of AI has enabled social selling to become a substantial medium for sales professionals to connect with their prospects.

Enhancing the user experience for social selling

If you are a brand eager to rebel against the customary physical or e-commerce platform, make a selection of social selling. In addition to that, give your customers an unique shopping experience by enabling the best user experience by implementing the chatbots.

At LetsNurture, we continually thrive to evolve the technology to help our clients’ business grow. We help the brands foster the relationship with their customers by syncing chatbots with your accustomed solutions. We are just an email away. Feel free to contact us on


Ketan Raval
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