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Social Media Giant Twitter comes up with TV Conversion Targeting for Advertisers


Jan. 14

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Twitter- one of the social media giants that regularly comes up with something new, both for the people who use twitter, also known as tweeple and the media/advertisers. The New Year 2014 saw Twitter come up with a new plan for its advertisers which changed the face of Social Media Marketing.

TV Conversing Targeting of Tweeter

Twitter has launched TV Ad targeting for the US and the UK advertisers. It will help to broaden a brand’s TV advertising by helping it to reach its users. This move has been taken based on the assumption that the Twitter users have also been exposed to the same TV advertisements as the brand message conveys.

The process involves using the conversation mapping technology by the network and the brands to promote tweets to users. Users who engage with special shows, irrespective of a brand running a spot in the program will be targeted. Advertisers will now easily be able to connect with the users who open up to sponsorships, integrations and the TV tie-ins for message expansion.

Twitter and Its Plans to Take the Program across Countries

In the world of Social Media Marketing, Twitter aims to begin this program in the coming weeks, and bring TV conversation targeting betas to advertisers in France, Canada, Brazil and Spain. It will expand to other countries as well. The plan is to make Twitter and TV experience for users, advertisers and networks much better. The products are designed keeping in mind how the consumers would like to engage with Twitter using TV as a medium, how broadcasters can be benefited bringing in TV discovery and consumption and the consumer attitudes towards the TV and twitter campaigns among others.

Percentage of the TV Advertisement Data Being Used

The social media marketing giant also worked with Market Share for running a marketing mix model for the UK telecom market using sales data. The results showed that the cost per incremental acquisition from TV advertising was as lower as 36% when promoted tweets were run alongside the TV ads.

Final Results

The results showed that advertisers running the TV commercials as well as promoted tweets had 95% stronger message association, 58% high purchase intention, 36% lower customer acquisition costs and 8-16% more sales.

Again, the focus of Twitter is to help small business take benefit of the large network of TV that, they are not able to focus on. This will assist the twitter users and the advertisers to stay more connected with each other.

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