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Sep. 16

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Mobile phone users are growing exponentially in numbers. Often users engage themselves into instant messaging, photo sharing, audio playing, video conferencing, mobile gaming and m-shopping through various smartphone applications. The m-commerce evolution has also led consumers from all over the world to spend hours every day on multiple messaging or business conversation apps.

Most enterprises and businesses have seized on this opportunity of B2C communication on-the-move, to provide customized, individual centric services to their customers in a prompt manner. Presently messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook IM has been a major contributing factor in easing out business activities.

Adoption of new trends in carrying out a business operation however involves – learning new channel, implementing new processes and hiring a specialized team to handle things. It is therefore important for the businesses to carry out a detailed feasibility analysis before proceeding towards implementation of B2C conversation apps.

Business Value Addition

Even though at nascent stage, conversational apps prove to be immensely beneficial for startups and service industries. Not just they improve communication with the customers, but also provide valuable remote services. Real Estate property apps, for example, show the list and images of the property, lets the agents and the buyers to frequently converse and fix schedules.

Likewise furniture apps let the customers to choose a specific table design from the catalog, let them choose the pattern for the table base, allow them to give out instructions – such as whether the table is fixed or a foldable type, and accordingly tailor the sample product and share images and videos via apps.

Influencing Other Industries & Business Verticals

Many small and medium scale industries are also influenced by this trend in m-commerce. Retailers use messaging apps to send the inventory lists to the customers, accept and manage orders, and shell out invoices.

Many Restaurant and food industry allow customers to choose a particular food item, order its quantity and ask for the location for delivery. The app also lets customers to track their orders and offer loyalty discounts to specific individuals.

The Future

Recent trends show that there are increasing number of business users who are supporting this shift in business. A survey carried out reveal that there are more than 63% of the people who have now switched to the usage of messaging apps for conversational marketing and above 67% of the people are looking forward to shift in coming few years.

A widespread adoption of messaging apps for B2C interaction is expected to revolutionize the way businesses are carried out. Noting at the statistics in messaging app usage, it is reported that Whatsapp alone has surpassed one billion users in February this year. The survey also indicated that above 63% of the people have strongly believed that Messaging Apps for B2C Interaction may be informal, but will be the future of B2C communication.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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