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Oct. 16

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It’s been more than 2 years since launch of Apple’s smartwatch. Since then we have seen a great rise in adoption of wearable technology by consumers. The watches are sort of a smartphone that can be tied to your wrist. Tech innovations has led to invention of many more tiny wearable devices similar to Smart Watches to substitute your smartphones.

Apple was not the pioneer in smartwatch but it narrowed the gap between the technology and the consumer. All the smartwatches available today are embedded with features like – GPS tracking, Activity tracker (Fitness), Heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth, etc.

SmartWatch is not just any Wearable

Today, the watch wearables are prominently used for Fitness and Health tracking. But that doesn’t downplays its varied uses in field of communication, kids safety, easy interfacing, etc. It enhances your wrist watch experience with cool fetaures and apps right there on your wrist. that was just meant to show time and now it shows much more than we ever expected.

With Smartwatch, you can be carefree as they are tied up on wrist, minimizing risk of theft, fall and misplacement. Also, most SmartWatches provide you with limited functionality allowing you to focus on specific tasks, schedules and activities. Modern day smartwatches are effective wearable computers that enables communication and supervision.

Now so many smartwatches are in the market it has created a sense of competition among the makers. This has lately made the consumer feel like a king, getting better features at a better price. Products like Pebble Smartwatch, Apple Watch, Samsung Watch gear – they all  have their own distinct feature that makes them the most popular smartwatches.

Apps for SmartWatch

Apart from the hardware that these smartwatches support, it is important to give weightage to the watch apps. Watch apps just like the mobile apps that are developed for the particular on the watch OS. To use a particular function of the smartwatch it should have a corresponding watch app.

With surge in number of smartwatch users, it is important to give them more and more features of their phones on the wearable. Currently, at most, we can display data such as calls, messages, emails, alarms, and calendar invites, apart from the other third party apps. Watches provide an easy access to the routine things without deviating the self with so many things in the smartphone.

Watch apps are developed for the reason they make things much easier for the user to access. It basically eliminates the need of constant checking out the bulky smartphone of yours at every notification. Most of these notifications are useless and taking out phone, unlocking it and then pulling down the notification to view, is a complete useless task for many.

Future of SmartWatch

Like most wearables, we expect smartwatches to become independent with support from nano-sim cards and WiFi connectivity. Till now most of the smartwatch are dependent on the other smartphones to access the data and relay the information. Smartwatch will also feature varied sensors like – altimeter, barometer, thermometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and humidity sensors, with the upcoming models. We can expect more watch apps that can be used with the major watch platforms, giving a wider range of audience.

To cater the needs of these users with increase trend of smartwatch – it is important for the companies to get their apps developed for smartwatch. LetsNurture is one of the IT solutions provider to have successfully built watch apps for both iWatch and Android Wear. All you need to provide is your details and our business executives will contact you accordingly.

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