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Mar. 16

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With growth of internet and email services, the physical mails have almost reduced to nil but that has no where impacted the logistics. Rather the inter connectivities between countries has given boost to this trade. According to WTO statistics report, the global trade is estimated to be $37 trillion by the end of 2014. Such a big market needs an organised and efficient logistics.

When we talk about Internet of Things (IoT), things that comes to mind are Wearables, mobiles and other smart devices which are getting personalized and making consumer experience a unique lifestyle. Frankly, there is a lot of things that comes under IoT and logistics is no different. Just like our other blog post on IoT gives you a sneak peak into different smart technologies that are part of this IoT revolution, this one connects the way supply chain management can be benefited with the deep rooted internet connections.

As the concept of e-commerce has greatly impacted logistics which has become more relevant directly to the consumer. Everyday, now and then we order something from our favourite online stores. The anxiety of getting your favourite book delivered or a gift that you chose for your spouse makes your hit that tracking button on the store’s website or app. This tracking is the biggest problem of the logistics industry. Even though we now have GPS in the trucks and vans that carry those goods all the time, boxes often gets misplaced causing delay in delivery time.

This is just a small example of the larger issue that needs resolution of tracking sensitive items that you need to track 24X7. The supply chain that starts with the primary products to the factories and ends till it reaches the consumer.

Internet of things in the logistics can include

Warehousing Operations:

Warehouse is the first part of supply chain. Every product that is taken out for the delivery is kept at warehouse first. Even during transit, warehouse is used to keep things safe in case there is no direct transportation route to the delivery location. Warehouse can have sensors that know which product is kept in which aisle, at what shelf. It can be directly monitored from mobile or web.

Freight Transportation:

During the transit every product having its small tracker, rather than a single tracker for the Van ensure better trackability. This tracker can be fitted on the product/courier right away when it is logged in. Once every product has its own individual tracker it will be very easy to hold on to it. It may also be very helpful if a product needs special condition while in transit, like – a special medicine or a body organ.

Last-mile Delivery:

The supply chain completes when the product is delivered to the desired location. The receiver and the supplier both are in lurch until the product is in transit. To ensure it is in the right path towards the desired location, individual sensor with the tracking chip is very advantageous. Smart tag is just a small step towards that chip based tag. Smart tag is simply a bundle of information about the product, its supplier and receiver details.

A prototype is being prepared for the so called Intelligent Box, which is said to support some of the below features that will definitely be a boon to the logistics industry.

  • Communicates with people and machines.
  • Energy self-sufficient.
  • Controls logistic processes.
  • Manages the whole picking process.
  • Supervises its environmental conditions.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Modular construction to adapt  to almost every logistics process.
  • Self-locating.

The increasing demand for effective supply chain management solutions, the logistics & transportation sector has been a vital force behind the IoT trend. To oil their squeaky gears, it is high time to implement the IoT technology and give the supply chain management a new, leaner level. If your business growth is slow due to lack of technological penetration to it, let us know as LetsNurture has great solution for you in terms of both web, app and software solutions.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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