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Mar. 16

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Now your Google search provide you specific destination oriented result, This feature is introduced only for Google Mobile search. In 2015, Google found out that people are more searching travel related destinations and Google came out with new specific search result which we can say like Smart Vacation planning.


Here is brief how Google search works. You can search by continent, country or state on your smartphone and it will provide you related destinations or vacation result. The result will show you weather information, when you should visit, based on data provided by other travelers. Have a look on below shared video.

Once you enter your vacation destination it will provide you all options available for that destination. It will show you result for top spots for the vacation destination. Also, it will provide prices lists with the same result. Also, you can personalize your search. You just need to enter travel date and amount how much you want to spend for travel. It will show you personalize result based on your date and amount which you entered. It will provide you lists of hotels which come into your budget and also it will displays lists of flights with a price.

Once you decide your vacation spot, it will show you near by destination which you might like to visit. You can also check out estimated trip price by just changing month for traveling. Google compare 1000’s of sites and provides you the best-estimated travel expense for your vacation.

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