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Mar. 16

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The grid here we shall know about is the electrical grid that is responsible for the production and distribution of the energy. The existing grid system just follows the same technology that was precedent half a century ago, nothing much has changed other than the production capacity of power station and strength of transmission wires.

Regardless the contemporary organised systems and network designs of the electrical grid, its power delivery infrastructures suffer withering across the developed world. It is mainly due to four factors – aging equipments, obsolete systems, outdated engineering and deregulated planning.

Limitation of current grid system:

  • Being obsolete in terms of technology is foremost factor that affects the ongoing grid system. The basic structure of USA’s national electrical grid is as old as the one invented by the Edison.
  • The current energy costs are exorbitant, there are many  households who find it difficult to bear bills of HVACs and other energy exigent equipments.
  • Thermal Power, the most widely used form of electricity generation, may not last long as  fossil fuels, its major raw source for production, are being depleted sharply.
  • Also these fossil fuels have high impact on global warming which is alarming the planet to reduce its carbon footprint. The emission of greenhouse gases by the burning of fossil fuels has a huge impact on the climate change, leading to rising temperatures, storms and drought like situations.
  • The major contributor to the limitations is unavailability of big battery systems that can store electricity which is unused. The already generated electricity should be used right away and in case of increase in demand of energy, supplement generators are used to meet the needs.

The common era, has impelled our power utilities companies to move on with newer technologies which are much more reliable and effective in production, distribution and utilisation of energy. Smart Grid is one such technology that serves the purpose and effectuate the needs of 21st century.

It is a cohesive set of technologies and devices operating together in homes, offices and all over the electrical distribution system. Basically, smart grid is just like the human nervous system which enable different parts of the connected network to communicate with each other. Smart Grid is part of the IoT, which takes care of energy resources in a City.

How Smart Grid works?

Smart Grid is combination of  many connected technologies for efficient utilisation of energy resources. Here are some of the technologies that make grids smarter:

Smart Meters

It is replacement of analog meters at points of consumption with digital meters which can transmit their readings much more regularly without manual intervention. It helps in understanding the patterns of consumption, but more importantly it allows time-of-day billing to give consumers an economic incentive to shift load to night use. Through a mobile app the consumers can access their meters like doing unit reading etc.

Sensors on Grid

The electrical distribution side of the grid that carries electricity to consumers is full of sensors and settings. These smart sensors are used to provide data back to operational centers without manual intervention. This allows analytics to determine imbalances quickly and greater refinement of settings for best quality of electricity and robustness of the grid.

Smart transmission

All of the distribution intelligence is mirrored on the transmission side and arguably arrived first. It uses two way communication which allows the power station to know how much electricity is needed in which area that too with very close approximation.

Grid market management

Fifteen-minute spot markets for electricity where they exist allow competition for generation to drive down the wholesale price of electricity especially at peak. These short term markets and the benefits of the merit order effect wouldn’t be possible without computerization.

Billing systems

Grids exist as economic entities. Billing systems allow them to ensure customers get the right bills quickly and inexpensively. No one does this without computers, with a mobile app this would become more efficient.


Grids produce a lot of data. Smarter grids produce a lot more data. Whether it is modeling potential transmission capacity increases or the impact of new distribution autonomy on the grid, computers are constantly churning through the available data looking for insights.

The smart solutions across the industry verticals is changing the way we believe and do things. If you have some business that wants smart solutions as its catalyst to expansion and growth, then you are at right place. Lets us know about you and we shall ensure we get you the best solution available.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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