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Mar. 16

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Before we begin to know how future would be, let’s get to know how it all started. The concept of Smart City was devised when in the year 2008, world was facing one of the worst economic crisis. It was a small part of the bigger concept by IBM to what they called Smart Planet Initiative. By the end of 2009, this thought had enraptured the vision of many developed countries of the world and paved way for the evolution of future cities.

What is Smart City?

Smart Cities as I understand, have no exact definition available because its meaning differs from person to person, city to city, culture to culture and economy to economy. But broadly it can be termed as an urban area that is remarkably advanced in terms of comprehensive infrastructure, communications and market viability. A city where ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is the primary infrastructure and the basis for catering crucial services to the city dwellers.

Need of Smart City

The idea of smart city came into formulation owing to the need to accommodate rapid urbanisation of the times. Everyone wants to have a comfortable life that’s why we prefer residing in cities because it offers better job opportunities and improved standard of living. So, in order to colonise more people, the need of more advanced and bigger cities has cropped up. Cities, which are equipped with technologically advanced utilities and amenities to support the desires and dreams of its inhabitants.

How IoT helps in delivering basic things in Smart Cities


The life on Earth exist because of water. It is fairly believed that the sources of fresh water are shrinking, putting a question on the existence of life on earth. The concern is inadequate handling by inefficient and manual process of water supply. This is where IoT comes in and creates a structure where demand and supply can be measured and leakages can  overcome. Sensors are put in with every Water meter and across the pipelines to ensure efficient supply, with the help of a mobile app, reading of this meter can be done remotely. Thus, saving a lot of water and fulfilling the needs of the world.


Climate change effects have led to move towards cleaner and renewable energy sources. The real-time data gathering and analysis capabilities allow energy managers to address service issues proactively before they occur and visualize energy, environmental and portfolio performance metrics for floor space under management. It also includes contemporary energy conversion technologies and secure energy supply in general, while taking into account overriding technical limitations, environmental consequences and economic considerations.


A smart city would require rapid, competent and convenient transport that would not only reduce the commuting time but also the waiting time which is the become futile time of the day. Road congestion is daily scenario of any metropolis, these occur mostly due to mismanagement among the traffic managers. The solution also employs built-in vehicle diagnostics and advanced analytics integrated into your enterprise systems. This ensures that critical information gets to the systems and people who need it, thereby improving decision making and helping you achieve greater efficiencies and savings.


Human life is believed to be most valuable, saving it doesn’t count for any cost. In a Smart City, IoT will transform healthcare industry by increasing efficiency, lowering costs and put the focus back on better patient care. IoT can be used to supplement patient treatment through remote monitoring and communication, and to keep track of patients as they move through a healthcare facility. This will be highly significant in case of emergency where bringing patient to the facilitative yet nearest hospital is the premier task.


Security is main concern of these IT powered Smart Cities, which has been raised by many over the period of time. But for everything from traffic tie-ups to security breaches, public safety agencies can gather data from disparate sources; deliver it in real time to key stakeholders, emergency management decision makers and first responders. Analyze crime data and deliver insights enabling officers to solve cases faster and spot trends so they can predict and prevent crimes. Provide an accurate real-time view of emergency situations so responders can make smart, timely decisions that keep people safer.


The concept of Smart City is not without challenges. For instance, the success of such a city depends on residents, entrepreneurs and visitors becoming actively involved in energy saving and implementation of new technologies. There are many ways to make residential, commercial and public spaces sustainable through proper implementation of technology, but a high percentage of the total energy use is still in the hands of end users and their behaviour.

Smart city needs smart citizens and utilise the smart resources around, it is vital to have best technology that performs and concludes the whole idea behind such city. LetsNurture has always stood ahead in engineering IoT solutions for all industry verticals and smart city is just collection of well devised application that work in coordination to manage the resources. If you want to have one such IoT solution for your city or town, consult our experts today!


Ketan Raval
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