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Impact of SEO – Search Behavior Erratic During VP Debate


Oct. 12

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The Vice presidential debate was destined to be epic. Stats aside the discussion between VP Biden and Congressman Ryan was engrossing and it goes without saying that the topics being discussed related not just to the US but to the world at large.  To imagine the electricity in the air at Centre College, Danville.

What is equally interesting is the stats provided by search engines about the debate. For example the tweet from Yahoo search data (@YahooSearchData) on the 12th October  said that searches for the VP debate were 7% higher than the 7-day period leading up to the presidential debate. While we are discussing search data why leave Google out? In a chart released by Google Politics & Elections it can be seen that the search interest in Paul Ryan is higher than on Biden for the period of August, September and October. This was however the same case as in between Sarah Palin and Biden in 2008.

In another chart Google also showed that the search interest in Ryan was higher in key states as compared to Biden.

Google also released a third chart showing the top search terms that were associated   with both Biden and Ryan. This is a great example of how SEO works miracle.

Top 4 search terms for Biden were as follows:

  • “RYAN”
  • “BIKER”( Apparently Biden cozying up with a female biker is of great interest to people )
  • “OBAMA”(Pizza anyone)
  • “SPEECH”(Biden’s DNC speech)
Google search terms ryan & biden
Google search terms ryan & biden

That was the roll call for the current VP. Now for VP hopeful Congressman Ryan:

  • “STENCH”(Politico ran a satire on Ryan calling Romney “The Stench”)
  • “AARP”(Ryan was booed at American Ass. Of Retired Persons)
  • “DEBATE”
  • “BIDEN”

These are the stats for searches during the period leading up to the debate. “What about the frenzy during the debate?” you ask. Well Google was kind enough to give out the report for those too.

Top 4 search terms for Biden during the debate:

  • “HOW OLD IS”
  • “JILL”(Biden’s better half)

Top 4 search terms for Biden during the debate (quite enlightening BTW):

  • “HOW OLD IS”

It seems now that if Ryan wins it might not be for the most altruistic reasons.

Google also gave a chart for the top rising search terms for the debate:

  • “BIDEN”
top 4 rising search terms
top 4 rising search terms

is where it gets interesting. From the new charts its deducible that public opinion on Biden might not be implicit with the search interest. For example take the poll by Google for example.

Q:”Regardless of which presidential ticket you support, which vice presidential candidate do you think did a better job in the debate?”

  • Biden: 44%
  • Ryan: 36%
  • About the same: 20%

Google also released another graphic showing search interest in candidates in the duration of the debate.  Biden had the overall highest interest in the duration which was when he told about the accident that killed his first wife and daughter. Ryan maintained blips during debate, his key moments being where he says:” After my dad died, my mom and I got Social Security survivors benefits. Helped me pay for college” and “Watch out, middle class. The tax bill is coming to you.”

Those are the search stats for the debate and are in no way indicative of who will win. But rather you can say who is under tight scrutiny.

We can easily conclude how important search engine optimization is for your reputation. SEO definitely plays an important role in reaching out the right audience.


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