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Aug. 16

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As they say, life’s a roller coaster ride and all we need is to hold it tight. A job in sales team is the most lucrative one in any company as it is mostly seen as the glamorous side of a business. It is where ambitious go-getters work who bring in the new deals and earn handsome rewards.

Almost all the other departments get jealous of the work style of the sales people but it is not what it seems. They might have an ease of working but the amount of effort put in by them is the real game changer. Actually, it’s more of the smart work they do. That is what favours the sales people as they get good cash incentives and rewards in kind other than their fixed salary.

Let’s take you down to the career line of a salesperson, how it all begins and what heights one can achieve in this line of profession.

Business Development – Organisation’s Backbone

Business development is best described as the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. People cut out for business development roles are very different from people in marketing operations — rather than spend their time digging around other businesses, they prefer to build real relationships with potential partners, customers, and influencers.

Career Ladder in Sales Team

LetsNurture is quite a transparent organisation where work of every team member gets noticed. The entry-level role for the Sales Team is the Sales Development Rep. At this position, you get to do the most basic tasks and a chance to earn better than your peers as sales team is rewarded well with cash incentives.

The best Sales Development Representatives move on to become Business Executives who spend their days in meetings with prospects and closing deals. After learning the ins and outs of how sales teams operate, top-performing BEs can move into leadership roles, like Business Manager and Business Director.

The most successful of sales leaders go on to become Sales VPs, when they are able to hold a complete team under them to reach out the company’s revenue objectives. They are the responsible ones for driving sustainable revenue growth in the organisation.

Skills Needed to be in Sales Team

The most important of today’s sales skills is simply understanding the buyer. It’s the foundation of effective selling. But it involves more than just understanding who the buyer is:

  • Establishing trust with the buyer
  • Concise communications
  • Customer-driven responsiveness
  • Social engagement with buyers
  • Managing the pipeline like a portfolio

Apart from these above skills one has to start from the scratch to reach the top of the game using ladders as tools and evading the snakes (mistakes). We asked a few interns and new joinees about their working in the sales team. To make it easy for the newcomers, we have compiled a list of tasks one gets to perform being part of this dependable team.

  • Cold Calling & Email Marketing
  • Payment Reminders and Milestone Updates
  • Strategizing and running Referral Campaigns
  • Pitching End Client via Social Media
  • Pitching & Targeting for Channel Partnership & Dedicated Resource Model, Engaging Client on hourly and fixed project cost.
  • Pitching Large Enterprise for being Offshore Dedicated Team or Model
  • Keeping healthy relations with client and maintaining Better Retention Ratios with Clients.
  • Exploring new ideas of making our brand reach to the 7 Billion People living in the world.

Join The Innovators

LetsNurture is one of the leading innovators in the field of Web, Mobile & IoT Solutions. We are looking at the world beyond horizons to expand our business presence, which has been our primary focus as of now. Thus we need a pool of talent who can throttle the sales and growth of our business.

Being in Sales Team is the most rewarding job at LetsNurture and it surely takes great effort and special skill set to perform it. One has to be focused on the product attributes and customer preferences to be able to clinch the deal. The above factors contribute greatly towards an efficient Sales person.

If you think you have competence, skills and enthusiasm to work in a dynamic environment of a leading IT company, then this is your chance. Sales Team is the true glamour world of the business – it brings out the best in you with great rewards along with high-octane lifestyle.

We welcome all who are looking for this glorious opportunity that can change the course of your careers. All you need to do is to mail us your resume on


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