Robotics & AI: The Two Integral Parts of the UAE Healthcare Industry

Robotics & AI: The Two Integral Parts of the UAE Healthcare Industry

17 Sep. 19

The United Arab Emirates was the first country in the world to have a designated Minister for artificial intelligence, showcasing that the UAE is dedicated to being at the forefront of AI adoption in the Middle East. The AI Ministry aims to create a productive, innovative, and high-performing environment for artificial intelligence investments within the country. The most recent release of the country’s “UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031” outlines how the country expects to bring AI tools and technology to various sectors within the healthcare system. The primary goal will be to minimize chronic and dangerous diseases and use AI algorithms to expedite the processing time for chest x-ray scans. With this said, UAE has predicted that $182 billion will be added to the economy by 2035 as a result of AI adoption within healthcare.

What Healthcare Sectors Will be Impacted by AI Adoption in UAE?

  • Robotic Surgeries and AI Doctors: The possibility of robot-assisted surgery presents incredible value for the country, since the UAE has an insufficient workforce that is open to the idea of replacing human doctors with AI robotics. Cognitive robots would be able to integrate information from pre-operative medical records with real-time operating metrics to physically guide the physician’s instruments for enhanced and precise surgeries.
  • Disease Identification & Detection: There have been massive strides and breakthroughs in the detection accuracy of life-threatening diseases like cancer with AI powered programs, wearables, and devices. These devices can perform mammograms with 99% accuracy, oversee early-stage heart disease and enable doctors to better monitor diseases in their infancy. There are prototypes for cardiac monitors that remotely detect heart irregularities and aid doctors in rhythm management. For instance, the UAE government is testing new Body of Health Analysis Pods, which will be rolled out into government buildings to help the staff monitor and detect early signs of illnesses.
  • AI Healthcare Mobile Apps: The country’s first pharmacy mobile application was introduced, allowing users to upload prescriptions and have medication delivered directly to them. AI chatbots can help hospitals and clinics better manage patient inquiries which can help improve doctor efficiency and save the hospital billions per year.
  • Chronic Disease Management Via Automation: To help doctors and patients manage chronic diseases that require the use of prescriptions, a robot-dispensed prescription option was introduced back in 2017. Its goal was to dispense 12 prescriptions within 60 seconds and store over 35,000 medications at any given time. Beyond saving space, the advantage is clear, faster response times and easier access (convenience) to prescriptions can save lives.
  • Telemedicine: The application of Babylon, a mobile AI healthcare application, uses artificial intelligence to provide 24/7 video consultancy to patients from all around the world, is coming to UAE.
  • The UAE is also testing neuro bands which help detect strokes and flow cell sensors, which alert doctors to sudden drops in vitals of ICU patients.

With these adoptions of AI, clinicians will be better able to take on comprehensive methods for dealing with disease management, coordinating treatment plans, and aiding patients in complying with their long-term treatment guidelines. Artificial intelligence is only going to streamline healthcare in the UAE, increase the effectiveness of treatment, and enable healthcare facilities to monitor and treat patients more quickly.

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