Responsive Website Design- Why you need it And How you can get it


Jul. 13

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First of all what is Responsive Website Design?

When you access internet from Mobile devices or tablets you might have noticed that few websites takes too much time to load and you might have also noticed that some website layout breaks on different mobiles and tablets. Usually these websites look fine on computer but when it is accessed from mobile it does not look.


RWD ( Responsive Website Design) is a website design which respond to screen size of the device and adjust content on various display devices like Tablet / Mobile / Desktop. So if you are accessing website from iPhone, Android Devices, iPads or Tabs, website will be equally optimized for that particular screen size.

Why we need  Responsive Website Design( RWD) services?

It is because there is big comparison now desktop vs mobile

Yes, it is important question we already have website why we need to make it in the form  of responsive website design services. 2012 PC Market share data has made people to rethink about their website . 2012 was the first time in last 12 years that PC Market has shown negative growth. After 12 years first time PC Market numbers were down from previous year.

So where these users are going? Why PC Market share is decreased? Because now it is a mobile era 50% Internet is now being used on Mobile & Tablets. It means potential visitors are not only on PC / Desktop but it is equally on mobile and tablets and to tap this market website must be mobile friendly.

Okay Now , we know what to do and how to do for responsive website design? Now we know importance of responsive website design services but how to make website responsive for all devices? Most important thing is to think about multiple devices while creating or designing a web.

Things to take care while designing responsive websites

  • Grid Layout
  • Responsive / Adaptive Images
  • Responsive Sliders
  • Responsive Media

Grid Layout- Responsive Web

According to Ethan Marcotte Responsive Website Design is: a Flexible Grid with flexible images that incorporates media queries to create a responsive, adaptive layout.

There are many good tools for Grid layout. If we put this in very simple way width of the web page & web page element should be in percentage. And it should be very different.

Here are some grid framework tools

Our talented website developers understand the importance of mobile friendliness of the website, and hence provide you with the best outcome. If you have a unique website idea to implement for your business, we would be happy to discuss it and join in your passion. You can contact us for a free consultation of you website development project.


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