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Feb. 13

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To the continuation of my last post, today I will like to share more input being a WordPress developer. I am enhancing my skills everyday working for WordPress website development services.

I have found a much simpler method of Reset Your WordPress Password without using your mail. This is our little contingency in case you lose mail server access when you want to change your password.

Previously we saw how you would change your admin password using the phpMyAdmin tool. Today we are going to see a much simpler method of changing your password.

This method is going to require you to have FTP access to your hosting site. So here is how it goes:

Step 1: Navigate to WordPress directory

Navigate to the WordPress directory in the root of your server. From there navigate the breadcrumb trail:


Step 2: Modify php code

Here you will find a file named “functions.php”. Open the file and add the following line:

[sourcecode type=”php”]<br /><br />&lt;?php wp_set_password(‘password’,1); ?&gt;<br /><br />[/sourcecode]

Step 3: Login to WordPress

Save your changes and go back to the login screen of your WordPress site. You can now login with the password:”password”.

Step 4: Revert the php code

Now, being a WordPress developer, you must remember that the most important step is that after you have logged in you must open “functions.php” and remove the line you added. Unless you remove this line, no matter what password you change to it will always revert to “password” when you login.

Step 5: Change your password

After you have done this you may now Reset Your WordPress Password from the dashboard to anything of your choice.

If you run into any sort of trouble you can refer the alternative method from the previous post.

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