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Feb. 13

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Wordpress admin reset using cPanelWe came across a few people who forgot their admin passwords to their WordPress Backends and are stuck with no administrator access to their websites. But when you have the right knowledge the biggest trouble can seem trivial. People facing this situation are no different. Now if you have email access you can request for a password reset token but if you  do not have it there is also another alternate method that you can use to reset your administrator password.

Now what this method requires is that you have access to cPanel, the administrative interface for you PHP server. This requires a little care if you are a lay person, because you are going to be making changes to existing data in the database of your site.

You will be using the PHPMyAdmin tool for managing databases to make changes to the WordPress’s table of users. Here is how you go about it:

Login to your cPanel first. You need to have the login details for this though. Your developers should have the login on them.

cPanel Login

Go to MySQL Database section and scroll down to the PHPMyAdmin link there or navigate directly from the PHPMyAdmin link.

Accessing PHPMyAdmin

You will need the login to the PHPMyAdmin as well.  Now that you are logged into PHPMyAdmin select the WordPress database from the database dropdown from the left sidebar.The page will refresh to show you a list of tables in the database.

Open the SQL tab from the top Navigation bar and enter the following database SQL query into the text box.

[sourcecode language=”sql”]<br />
UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5( ‘new_password_here’ ) WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` = &quot;admin_username&quot;;<br />

Modify the query according to your credential according to the following:

“new_password_here” – replace this with the new password you wish to use.

“admin_username” – replace this with the username the password should be updated for.

inserting query in PHPMyAdmin

Once you are ready hit the GO button to submit your query. If you did everything correctly you can now login to your WordPress with your new password. Congrats you have managed to reset your WordPress password.

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