Quicksell File Seller Extension to Sell Files on Your Joomla Site


Mar. 13

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Some of you might be in the business of selling digital content in the form of files. You may be selling mp3 files, videos, zip archives or any file for that matter. Today we bring to you a handy Joomla extension that you can use to sell digital content on your Joomla Implementation. The Joomla plugin we are talking about today is QuickSell File Seller by Deian Motov. This handy little tool lets you to sell your digital content with Paypal as payment method.

Handy Digital Commerce

Using the plugin is very easy. Add the plugin to Joomla, upload the file to your website and then generate a button code using the plugin for your article or module. It is as simple as that. It even allows you to encrypt your PDFs for sale.

Controlled selling features.

Quick Sell File Seller has a number of handy features apart from the  encryption feature for PDF you can find:

  1. Multi-language support for websites in different languages.
  2. Restricting printing of sold PDFs
  3. Encrypting sold PDFs

Additionally the free and open source license allows you to deploy it on any number of websites. You can place multiple buttons of the same file on the same page and buttons can be placed anywhere on the site. You can even use custom buttons with the extension. Additionally they have also implemented a security that assigns unique keys with download limits and expiration times to download links to prevent links from being spoofed.

Can Handle the Stress

The extension has been tested on a site that had two files to download and 1500 clients logged in at the same time trying to download it. It fared perfectly under the conditions. If you are looking to develop a website with high traffic then you can definitely use this.

The support provided by Deian Motov has also been lauded for the work he has done and the help he has provided. If you are looking to buy this extension it is a very good buy.


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