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Nov. 16

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Often programming language is used to develop tools and applications which strive to ease out routine tasks and activities. Python is one of the latest open source programming language which offers OOP features of any other high-level language. In addition to that Python Programming Language is also considered a scripting language that interprets commands one line at a time.

Incorporates Feature of Other Programming Languages

Like any other programming language, Python Programming Language also incorporates feature like inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. It also offers modules, functions, and access specifiers in its code implementation. Python Programming Language is considered both a compiled as well as an interpreted language.

Python code is converted into bytecode which is then executed by Python virtual machine of the specific operating system. This makes Python code portable across many different types of operating systems.

Extensively supports The Web and Mobile Development

Python code is extensively used to build websites and in mobile app development. Many popular social networking websites like Facebook and Quora have incorporated a lot of Python code in its implementation.

Python Programming Language also provides extensive support for web development frameworks like Django and Pyramid. This makes Python one of the most secure languages for web designing and mobile app development.

Offers Assistance in Other Areas of Python Programming Language Development

Python reduces coding effort considerably thus helps to bring down iteration time in developing software components. Python is also often used in image processing, in integrating web front-end with a database, game development and in build control management.

Many applications use Python as an embedded scripting language and for writing scripts for test automation. Some operating systems like Linux use Python code to carry out system administration and to write complex system handling scripts. From complex system development and networking to database development and automation testing applications of Python are aplenty.

Caters Support for Building Complex IoT Solutions

Internet of Things or IoT involves programming embedded systems and other connected devices. Several memory control units or MCUs, which are an integral part of a connected IoT device are programmed using python. Also called Python controlled Microcontrollers, MCU act as an interface between the host computer and other MCUs.

While working with an IoT project like Raspberry Pi, the MCU and your computer can interact usually via a serial port through USB or Bluetooth. All the data coming from one or more MCUs are passed along to other MCUs of connected IoT devices. This helps in information transmission and in interacting messages from one device to the other.

IoT also involves a lot of data analytics and python libraries and modules like NumPy, pandas, matplotlib and ipython assist with the analytics. Python Programming Language also supports main libraries and major communication protocols like TCP/UDP, Bluetooth/BLE and NFC.

Wrap up Note for Python Programming Language:

Solutions developed using Python programming language assist in solving complex problems. They integrate more effectively with the system and thus qualify as one of the best languages for developing the web and mobile solutions. Are you keen on developing the web or mobile solution for your business? LetsNurture is here to help for solutions based on Python Programming Language, send in all your queries to


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