Project Soli brings ‘technology at your finger tips’, in real sense.


Jun. 15

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Project Soli brings ‘technology at your finger tips’, in real sense.

The ancient man rubbed two stones and produced the first sign of fire, and the modern man is taking the legacy ahead. The thrilling combination of foresightedness and the imagination can always do wonders and change the world into a different place.

With technological advancement humans too are contemplating ways to get things at their fingertips and if we have to explain it literally then Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products, a division of the search and mobile OS giant) has come up with a touch sensitive technology that will not only change the face of the virtual world but also will articulate the way we see & use our gadgets.

Google’s I/O 2015 conference sighted the unveiling of the very amazing Project Soli. We may conveniently call it ‘a technology at your finger tips’, in real sense, the much imaginative far-end innovation in controlling our device, a cool idea with the present tech savvy world.

All you need to know about Project Soli –

  • Project Soli brings the possibility to control the number of devices with special reference to wearable, trying to make the control simple with hand gestures and movements. Google ATAP’s imagination in action that is taking shape deserves much applaud!
  • Project Soli, uses radar technology to detect subtle tiny movements and gestures and translate them for inputs. It transmit radio waves and reflects the response from any target it hits.
  • It uses broad beam radar to measure Doppler image, IQ and Spectrogram. The chip recognizes movement, velocity and distance and can be programmed to change the input based on that distance. This Soli-enabled device would not only upgrades the way we have been interacting & controlling our devices, but also make it look more natural and accurate.
  • Gesture based system that works on capturing the movement of fingers, e.g.- tapping of index finger with thumb, moving hand side to side or away, rubbing index finger and thumb in one direction, all will lead to signal with reference to the sensitive radar.
  • It can detect swipes, or making a fist, or crossing fingers. It can be incorporated into number of different devices, sounds good.
  • The Gesture recognition pipeline translates the reflected signal and redirects it as an input to the application. (now imagine this ‘hand off control’ on your wearable and be amazed ).
  • The radar is small enough to fit into a smart watch. It can sense movements real time, understands and when you alter it sends signals.
  • Project Soli is micro motion sensitive and that makes it even more interesting and competent than the voice recognition and Microsoft’s Kinect. It can be used for gestures like pressing a button, turning on the volume, or moving a slider.

Project Soli is right now in its early days but going from a size of a pizza box to shrink into a tiny SD card in 10 months is commendable. It has to undergo ‘renovation’ before it is available in the commercial market and appeals to the crowd, much awaited because it is seen as a feasible option to replace voice recognition.

Keep your fingers crossed till the next year’s conference where we can expect some startling & marvelous innovations from the tech prodigy Google and ATAP.


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