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Apr. 16

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No doubt, Apple is the most loved and trusted brand in the consumer technology sector, it has earned this value by making great customer oriented products with a niche of its. Every product of Apple creates lot of buzz in the market. While most of the people are waiting to buy the device that has Apple’s seal of trust and technology, others want to copy that product and sell it to those who can’t afford the Apple.

This is all the hard work of Steve Jobs, who created the place of Apple in everyone’s lives. His marketing strategy has worked greatly in favor of Apple products. Every product has been linked to making user life simpler and easier, from personal computer to ipod and now the series of iphones. Apple iphone has gone across the boundaries and made a huge impact on the popularity of touchscreen technology. Whenever Apple is about to launch a product, everyone is eager to know “What’s new?”

Let’s check out what are the products to look out from Apple in this year.


iPhone SE

It is supposed to be Apple’s budget phone. Ya you read it right, budget phone. Apple wants to reach out to all those who have not yet got in hands with its awesome technology. Earlier with iPhone 5C which was an alternative to iPhone 5S, this formula was tested and got a good response. So this time to level it up with their featured iPhone 6S they are planning to launch iPhone SE with almost same specs, which will give a good option to those who always wished to have an iPhone. By the time this blog gets published, iPhone SE would have been launched in most of the countries.

03_pad pro.jpg

iPad Pro

The new 9.7 inch iPad is said to be very powerful in terms of specifications. It comes with 256GB of storage, runs on robust A9X processor and has 2GB RAM.  12MP camera makes it a great choice for camera lovers. Apple claims that this iPad Pro 9.7 will have battery life of up to 10 hours, this is something that can only be tested once the product get on hand review. Nano-sim support, Wifi, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth v4.2 and a fingerprint sensor makes it a perfect hand held machine. iOS 9.3 supported by 12 core graphics will give a great quality to view the screen.

00_apple tv.jpg

Apple TV

As expected from Apple, their TV concept seems to be most revolutionizing thing in TV industry ever since its inception. Apple TV will have the complete Siri support to function and relay commands. If you have seen the Apple TV ad you will know how this thing will work. It is going to be the perfect streaming device which has now included many apps for the entertainment and the infotainment at the same time. tvOS 9.2 has ability to create app folders to organize your apps on the tvOS home screen—just like you can do in iOS.

01_apple watch.jpg

Apple Watch2

After its first offering of smart watch, Apple had impressed many of us. Although it was expensive in comparison to its competitors but that’s what Apple is, it has its own value. It is expected to have some luxury variants like Hermes collection. As per Apple’s new patent, it might have magnetic wristband. A front camera for FaceTime feature may also be part of new wearable. It is speculated that it might have an ARM Cortex A32 processor as an ultra tiny CPU. Tetherless Wifi, replying emails and viewing videos may be some of other added features in the Watch2.    

Apple is one those unpredictable technology companies that are always known for their surprises. So, you never know what else they will come up with.

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Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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