Private Content Management System ,Why We Do Not Have Our Own ?


Dec. 12

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No-Private-CMS-letsnurtureWe have been asked these questions by our own CMS Developers, my IT Friends, few of my clients. Everyone ask me why you are not having your own CMS so you can finish CMS Web Development Easily and can deliver quickly. And some people have even suggested that with private CMS Framework you can bind your customers. Bingo.. That is main reason I am not going to use our own CMS Framework for Website Development.

We want to give service with No Strings Attached

When I bought my first vehicle I asked, do I need to service my bike at your service center only? They said No and I bought it. When we bought first AC in office, I asked same question and they say no and we bought it. Plenty of customer do not like to get attach with company for long term, because they want to keep all option open.  So, as a consumer I want my freedom of choosing service provider how can I bind my customers with Private CMS Framework?

Help from Large Part of Community

When we use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento kind of large open source communities we interact with highly qualified developers regularly.  This community is so big that you can easily find a solution for your customization on content management system. And If you get luck you may get a chance to speak on this kind of CMS Platform during large events such as Wordcamp 2013

Customization at affordable rates

WordPress has 20% share on number website internet has. With a vast number of plug-ins and extensions you can do lot of customization on your content management system. So, if customer goes with open source platform customization will be very affordable because most of plugins and extensions will be available from community. On the other hand if you select private CMS websites when you want to do some changes usual response will be it will cost you extra (that extra will ultimately become too much extra) contact to letsnurture for perfect quote for website.

SEO Friendly Development

No Matter how much privately owned CMS Framework try but it cannot beat Search Engine Friendly Nature of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other good Open Source CMS websites. Reason behind this again goes to same huge community for these CMS Systems.
If you are one of our customer you already know that we have never offered Privately Owned CMS Framework, and if you are someone who wants to build a CMS website.. above are our reason that why we do not offer Private CMS.


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