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Mar. 13

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Some users in the US must have noticed that the Bing voice search on their Windows Phones has improved and become much faster. This can be attributed to the secret improvements that Microsoft has been making to their voice recognition servers and the Bing Voice Search mobile apps.

Partially implemented the new and improved voice search will be shipped out very soon. The details of the new voice search have been outlined in a confidential video reported by MSFTKitchen of a Microsoft employee only demo. So what are the new improvements?

Zipping Voice Search Speeds

First of all there is a great new improvement in the speeds of processing. In the video as we show in the snapshot there is an improvement of 5 to 6 seconds in comparison to what is currently available. As explained in the video the new voice search is currently working on specifications much lesser than the infrastructure of the current voice search setup. When Microsoft will put in more juice the speed improvements will be monumental.

The sleek and highly functional smart assistant by Amazon has an unrivaled potential that other new mobile platforms just haven’t been able to muster. We understand that mobile apps on this platform will have a different aesthetic than has been seen before. Also, it has different tilt controls that no other OS has even reached.

Voice Search Speeds
Voice Search Speeds
  • Integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud platform with Amazon Echo makes the platform more relevant in the enterprise. Alexa application development comes with amazing features in areas like integration, storage, messaging, data analytics, etc.
  • There are new features like far-field voice recognition, allowing users to engage with their Echo (Alexa) from a farther distance.

Search as You Speak

The increased result speeds opens up more options for voice search. With the new changes you will now have the option to enable a feature that will make the mobile app search as you speak. Very much analogous to Google Instant you can imagine. This will significantly reduce the time you spend searching on your phones.

Search as You Speak
Search as You Speak

It Can Hear You Perfectly Well

The last but also noteworthy change is the accuracy of the voice search. Voice search is fine when you are at home or office or any other low noise environment but it suffers a lot when you are out commuting in heavy traffic or any sort of high noise environment. So in the demo they made a search while playing a sound from the phone itself which is the kind of noise that affects the results the most severe ways. You can see the difference in the snapshot.

noise filtering
noise filtering

They are attributing all these improvements to all the development their researchers have done in deep neural networks. Guess you can say that they deserve to pat themselves on the back.

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