Organisational Innovation and Role of Human Resource in Strengthening Workplace


Apr. 16

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It is widely acknowledged that until recently Human Resources (HR) have never played strategic role in the innovation for organisations. HRs are generally perceived as those responsible for hiring and recruiting in any organisation. Apart from this they are suppose to do the unwanted but very important administrative paperwork for the new employees and getting them trained for their new positions. HR are suppose to manage the payrolls of the employees and most importantly they would chalk out the exit plan for the employees. This exit plan is something that cannot be ignored from the their job role, it is very crucial how an HR asks an employee to leave.

Transforming role of HR

But things have changed rapidly in past few years, the role of HR professionals has transformed into more of a strategic partner within the company management. Now, they are suppose to work in alliance with the company’s top executives and management professionals to decide on how to merge the HR initiatives in the strategic organisational approach. Strategic role of HR focuses on people management programs with long-term solutions, organizational development interventions, achieving employee organizational fit. The basic idea is to develop and train the employee as a whole so that he can grow with the organisation. It is important for an HR to support this cultural change and bring innovation; and the upcoming generation isn’t going to settle for an ‘administrative-only’ role.

Innovation brings Productivity

Innovation is truly a product of social influence. It is not deniable that processes are not important but ideas come only through interactions which is among humans. This point has been loud and clear in many conferences that were based on improving productivity. It is the humans which are the nucleus of all the assets of the company. Brand, product, innovations or sales, everything would be nothing if you don’t have right people to carry forward it. Isn’t it important to manage that particular asset effectively and efficiently?

Communication – the key to management

There have been so many books written on management of the organisations which has made companies very good at managing tangible and known assets like finances and all. But the problem begins when the same technique is applied to manage the humans. No one teaches us that – corporate trainings, business schools, etc. because they themselves have not been able to find the exact formula to solve this problem. It is very simple, all the other assets have one way communication except the humans.  

Constantly evolve yourself

The HR needs to constantly evolve itself into the role of managing the social assets of the company – creating an internal social network which can initiate the flow of knowledge not its storage into the brains. It is this flow which can bring innovation. Just like a stagnant water, which is not useful for use but a flowing river not just gives drinking water but also keeps the adjoining land fertile. Even a rough stone that comes in the contact of flowing water becomes bright and smooth.

Tips to bring Innovation in Organisation

Well, there are few thing with which you can start with, let’s take a look at these tips below:

  • Sort-out some strategically focused people and involve them in decision making and give them some influential positions.
  • Innovate and reinvent some role and responsibilities to enhance the inter-disciplinary knowledge flows, both internally and externally with some strategic tools.
  • Try to address cross-functional challenges within the organizational
  • Motivate people to develop the proficiency of applied learning, with some honor or bonus.
  • Shape the culture among the organization and encourage the leadership to help others overcome the fears like unacceptability, peer pressure, etc. You may also try some exercises and tools to get rid of such fears.

There is no hard and fast rule to follow some part of this list or completely. See, that’s innovation someone can add something that is found useful in particular terms for the benefit of both company and the employees. So, just give it a try. It’s not that you have to change the policy all together but take small steps, try and you will see the ladder of success the organisation climbs.

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Ketan Raval
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