One Night with Unlimited Fun At LetsNurture ;)


Jul. 12

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Yesterday, we had one cracking night shift. Few chaps of LetsNurture wanted to go home one  day early for Kite flying festival. So, we decided to finish work in the night. There are plenty of projects going on Analysis of the android app development , our live reporting system as well as a pile of digital marketing campaigns.

It was rather a kind of night out then nightshift. The music was on, we had snacks, we were cracking jokes and reminiscing good old days. All in all, we all felt it’s good to have one night shift sometimes.

It’s very unfortunate that we did not take any picture. It was a fun night though.

Hoping to have such a fun of one night at LetsNurture soon again.

If you are the one seeking fun at work? You have landed at exactly right place. LetsNurture is a fun place to work at. Join our amazing team and add value to it.


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