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Aug. 16

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Sports has always been an integral part of our lives. From ancient roman athletic events to our today’s Olympic games, we love playing sports as much as we love watching them. It not just gives us sheer thrill and entertainment while watching but also help us learn many deep aspects of life.

Sports we love

There has been lot many sports available today and every person has been following the sport of their interest ranging from – Football, Cricket, F1 Race, Tennis, Badminton, etc. With our busy lives, it is getting difficult to keep a tab on the updates of our favourite sport. Sometimes we get the news of the match only after it has been over and that’s the worst thing for a sports fan.  Having a Sports Mobile App is the answer to this.

Stay Updated

Today when we have technology at our aid, it should not be difficult to solve this simple issue. Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, 2.08 billion people have smartphones, so to cater this large chunk of active and connected userbase is not a big problem.  Hence, having a Sports Mobile App can be a perfect way to treat all your updates for the sports – from match timings to live scores and match results to tournament standings, everything, at one place.

Get Tickets on-the-go

The mobile application can also help in booking tickets for many of the sports events. A personalised notification can be sent to the user based on the choice of their sport and proximity to location, so that one never misses a chance to watch their sporting live action.  

Recipe of a perfect Sports Mobile App

So we went on to ask people aged 13 to 45, the most advent sports lovers and asked what would their favourite sports mobile app should have and this is what we got.

LIVE Scores : First thing first that everyone wants to know. The live score of the match. This should have two parts – firstly, user’s customised favourite sport and game, while other should be the most widely followed international game that moment.

Results : The matches completed in past 24 hours, should have their results on the page. This could be allowed to sort in either the manner of time or sport.

News : All the other news related to the sports. This could have the integration of all the top news on sports around the world. What a sportsperson said, how he performed, the upcoming fixtures, the clashes, the fan moments, etc

Game Stats  : The complete game stats is another thing that should be another basic feature that is needed by a sports enthusiast. They want to know all in and out about the game, who played how, and how many shots, etc

LIVE Commentary : It is another entrant feature nowadays. People who are unable to watch the live matches being busy with office or family prefer to read the live action so that they can know how it all happened.

Twitter Action : Twitter is the place where people talk, comment and discuss lot of stuff these days. It is a great way to connect the fans and user base to the application. So it would be equally useful to put a twitter live feed of particular sport.

Game Videos : Video Experience is after all a complete different way to  Get all your college football videos in one tap from the highlights button, and then roll on through the best fantasy analysis out there. Love or Hate Matthew Berry’s advice? Now you can swipe or tap to advance to the next video.

Event Schedule : Needless to say, a must have. A stage calendar for the all game using a great visualisation can be a cool tool for all to know about the fixtures. An added feature in this should be that it should link to the mobile’s calendar app to add the alarm that would notify you before the match is about to start.

All this can make a sports fan addicted to the mobile application and it is sure that the sports mobile app will be a great success. All you need is an absolute developer team who can build this platform for you and make it the most favoured sports application. LetsNurture has been providing all kinds of mobile and web solutions to many clients over the period of more than 7 years, with their experience and skill, one can utilise to get the best solution.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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