A new level of App Integration – Messenger gets Dropbox for Chats


Apr. 16

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Integration among the apps has gone to another level with more technologies coming together for making the lives simple and easier for the users. Since many services already providing their API so as to integrate them with other apps and become more resourceful. Even we have successfully integrated many third party apps with the client app to give user more power and ease while using the app.

Till now almost many transport services have integrated google maps into their apps to track the fleet they have and now with Google Maps integrating Uber has opened a new arena of integration of apps.

Messenger Gets DropBox

Taking a cue from this, facebook has completely transformed its strategy for Messenger. In the recent F8 conference, it was announced that facebook messenger will have a dropbox integration to ease the file sharing. This Dropbox feature is made available for both Android and iOS to enable user to share photos, videos and other files without leaving the Messenger.

Sharing the Dropbox files on Messenger is very easy with this integration. All you need is the latest version of both the Messenger and Dropbox on your device. After this, open the chat and tap on ‘more’ (three dots) in Messenger and find the Dropbox as the option. Just tap on the Dropbox to access the files and share it in Messenger.

Among all the files you share via Dropbox only videos, photos and GIFs can be opened directly on Messenger, all the other files will be displayed as link and will take the receiver to the Dropbox app to preview or save the file.

Future for Messenger

With this feature, it is sure that Facebook is going to make Messenger in to a more efficient chat option available across platforms. After it successfully integrated Uber and Lyft into the Messenger app to ease of the traveling woes. This integration had picked a great deal by making users to click on the address in the chat to book a cab within the Messenger App. A lot exciting things are expected from Facebook at the F8 conference.

Time will come soon when many other players in the industry will be coming together with such integration among their products. This at the end will help users to seamlessly utilise the multifunctionality of the applications to the best of their needs.

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Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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