Mobility Solutions Revolutionizing Large Scale Healthcare Industry


Oct. 16

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There is an exponential increase in the global number of mobile device users every year. According to a research report, 64 percent of adult Americans own a smartphone.  Now that simply means all the solutions and services that could be transpired over the mobile medium are certainly to prosper.

It’s the ease of use and all around accessibility which makes these apps and services to be the most convenient choice of medium. By availing services like on demand platform, m-payment, mobile messaging and others, users could now get everything at their fingertips. With more number of users, inclined towards the better upkeep of health and fitness, mobile healthcare or mHealth solution is expected to go a long way.

mHealth, as the name indicates, is any healthcare service provided on a mobile technology platform. An mHealth device could be any light portable digital assistant with a touch screen display, like your smartphone or tablet.

Benefits of deploying mHealth solutions

mHealth solutions strive to be a context-aware system that streamlines several aspects of healthcare and helps improve patient compliance. With the help of internet connection and Geopositioning, users can easily tweak their mHealth devices, to accomplish routine health tasks.

By using mHealth you can book a doctor’s appointment, receive m-prescription, order medications and send timely reminders. Using mHealth you can also interact with doctor on text and visual medium. You can even access online health library  and vital nutritional information.

MHealth platform providing direct & personalized point of communication

mHealth solutions, unlike the traditional Patient-Care system, more particularly focus on doctor-patient communication and patient’s convenience aspect. Like providing patients with a comprehensive diet plan, exercise routine, medication reminders, suggest tools for symptoms tracking and allow communication with medical experts.

As per a recent report, nearly 66 percent of hospitals in the US produce their own apps to assist patients. These also include many consumer mHealth apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal.

Some mHealth apps ask and confirm at the day end about medication was taken, exercises performed etc. Some apps even measure blood sugar, BP levels and maintain records to allow doctors to compare data with the past records/findings. Thus allow them to prescribe medication adjustments and upgrades.

Leveraging the Boom in wearable device adoption by public

In general mHealth solutions are specifically designed for becoming an integral part of the modern patient care system. Innovation in technological space has led many wearable devices like smart watches, belts and gloves to be used for mobile healthcare. It has the potential to improve patient’s experience and provide assistance on their fingertips.

Limitations of mobile platforms

Often limited bandwidth, slow or disruptive network, and the data cables used influence connection on mobile medium. Likewise, over the phone communication cannot really replace detail face-to-face communication or lengthy in detail talks.  In a way mHealth could be thought off as a solutions supplementing the traditional patient care system.

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Ketan Raval
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