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Jun. 19

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Diamonds are Forever!! They are all we need to please us!!

Many of you will wonder if I tell you that Mobile app development and Diamond business can be a perfect match made in heaven, believe it or not!

As mobile technology advances further and further, companies’ reliance on them continues to increase as well. A diamond ring has been the hallmark of engagements and marriages since the De Beers mining company pushed the idea in the late 1930s and has remained as the pinnacle of affection ever since. On the business end, however, diamonds are among the most troublesome natural goods to deal in, simply due to the sheer variety of both the stones and jewelry they are set in. Anyways, let’s get back to the core of this article.

With the use of modern technology, not only will it be easier to reach out to more people with your products, but the sale process, in general, will be more efficient and streamlined through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Augmented Reality: Seeing is Believing

Whether a customer is shopping for themselves or for someone else, recent adaptations of augmented reality allow them to “try on” a vast array of rings and other jewelry, either in-store or right from their home. The credit goes to this amazing technology known as Augmented Reality app development.

Companies such as Diamond Hedge and Helzberg Diamonds have released in-store augmented reality experiences that allow customers to preview hundreds of ring designs on their own hands without the need for tracking each one down in their specific size and going through the arduous process of donning, and subsequently removing, each and every one. This innovative use of AR has allowed these companies to easily showcase more of their products to more customers and subsequently increased their sales dramatically. In addition to these, AR apps that make use of your smartphone’s camera have begun to hit the market in order to achieve the same goal of showcasing more products to more customers. Making use of these technologies will not only help your business to pull in more customers but also help make more sales with those customers.

We at Let’s Nurture, a leading custom web apps and mobile app development company, have designed and developed an AR based smart retail solution for a virtual try-on to boost shopping experience.

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Virtual Reality: An Out-of-Home Experience

If AR isn’t quite enough to grab a potential customer’s attention, then Virtual Reality might have the extra little push needed to guide them to your stock. With the use of VR, customers can see more than possible with AR alone, allowing them to preview more products, and even take a personalized, virtual walk through your store in order to do so. The virtual tour alone will allow customers to avoid unsavory situations of overwhelming quantities and pushy salesmen, increasing customer satisfaction, as well as the likelihood of them making a purchase. In addition to this, the use of virtual reality gives customers a much better idea of the sizing and styling of products over simply viewing them online, placing further incentive on sales for those just on the edge of making a decision.

The Internet of Things: That’s No Mirror

An obvious drawback of AR and VR is the equipment needed, even the minimally required smartphone, in order to showcase products. The Internet of Things could potentially change the market with a concept called a “Smart Mirror”, a mirror-like an object with the ability to showcase items much like AR and VR, but only requiring a customer to walk in front of it and select what item they want to see. Not only would this process be even more streamlined than any of the previous methods but would allow customers to adopt more natural poses while viewing items, effectively letting them see each item as to how it would appear in their everyday life. With a better idea of exactly how something looks, customers are even more likely to make a purchase and increase your overall sales. So far, smart mirrors have been limited to displaying things like the time, date and weather, however, this concept holds the potential to revolutionize both the AR, and diamond industries.

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Why Mobile Technology is needed?

Each of these technologies enhances your business in a different way, allowing customers to view more of your stock, as well as more easily make purchases by avoiding any hassles or inconvenient situations. By implementing any of these models properly, any business can reap the benefits of the increased traffic that will inevitably come with them. Although these systems are relatively new, they have already been proven to be an effective tool in the diamond market, increasing sales and customer satisfaction farther than almost any other diamond marketing strategy to date.

Be it an online clothing retail store, cosmetic store or a diamond store- AI powered Smart Mirror can be developed using IoT based custom mobile application development. Today, many brick-and-mortar businesses are leveraging Smart retail solutions developed around such cognitive technologies. A one-of-a-kind smart retail solution for keeping audiences of all ages entertained and engaged while simultaneously generating ROI. Augmented reality software allows users to try on different products in real time, as a sort of “try before you buy” option.

Why Choose Let’s Nurture to Foster Your Diamond Business?

Our expertise in Artificial intelligence, and the associated technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), IoT and AR-VR enables retailers to reach out to customers at a personal level, engage in deeper interactions and enhance the shopping experience with the brand. From product design of smart mirror to in-store deployment, we provide end-to-end services.

Leveraging our experience in catering global clients for over a decade, we provide flexible engagement models with flexible options to hire AR developers to build AR based smart mirror system.

If you have a wonderful idea and want to see off competition in the diamond market, let’s talk!


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