Microsoft Band Finally Arrives in the Online Stores of USA at Just $200!


Mar. 15

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Microsoft band is now available in the online stores in USA like Amazon, Best Buy and Target at a mere price of $199.99. The giant made its debut by showcasing some fascinating features last year in October. The style and design were very impressive and the working was too good when it was revealed. You can read more about the Microsoft band review here. Now it’s time for the wearable freaks to try it.

Microsoft Band Releasing on April 15th in UK

The first attempt of the giant might slash the sales of the other wearable bands in the market with its stylish looks. The band will go on sale in the UK on 15th of April costing £170. If you are still confused whether to buy it or not, you can watch the video to know the detailed working and features of the Microsoft Band.



An Exceptional Feature

One thing that makes the Microsoft Band unique from all the other brands is that it can be synchronized with a smartphone of any operating system. It might be iOS, Android or Windows, the fitness band is capable of connecting with the mobiles supporting various operating systems.

When it comes to apps, there are many health apps developed by Microsoft to keep a track of your heart-rate, walking distance, calories burnt etc. If you have something special to implement in the wearable world, Lets Nurture can support you by developing apps for your wearable device. Get your app developed today!

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