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Feb. 13

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Maniacal Magento MondaysWith the maturing of this eCommerce website CMS maturing a number of new and useful extensions are coming up. So we decided why not showcase some of the best out there. For the next 11 mondays starting today we are going to put up details of great Magento Extensions tested by our Magento Developers, each day, which you can use to develop your eCommerce portal . We are going to put up a list of links to the posts here and keep this one updated so that you can keep track. So feel free to bookmark this page.

As we add posts about different extensions we will add the links to the posts in the list below:

  1. Blog (Community Edition) by aheadWorks

  2. Magento Daily Deal

  3. Custom Menu by WebAndPeople

  4. MatrixRate by WebShopApps

  5. Maniacal Magento Mondays – VS Ajax Catalog

  6. Free Banner Slider from Ecommerce-Extension

  7. Magento Easytabs by Templates Master

  8. Checkout Newsletter by QuickModules 


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