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Mar. 13

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Fifth on our list for Maniacal Magento Mondays is VS Ajax Catalog which allows visitors to your Magento Store to easily add multiple items to your shopping cart from product and category pages. Handy thing to place in your site right?

You visit many shopping sites and you will see that they intrinsically force you to visit each page to see the details perfectly before you can add the product. Sometimes viewing all the details is not necessary and your customers might want to place orders for a large number of items at the blink of an eye and often this might limit your sales. However with VS Ajax Catalog you can remove this limit precisely.

Shopping From Overviews

The reason why this extension is so handy is because of the flexibility it has. It can work with simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, virtual and downloadable products with ease. For the products that require buyers to make some selections to customize product you can display the options quite easily.


Power to the Users

The extension utilizes Ajax operations to make changes to the shopping cart. The user interface is very simple: It is basically a lightbox that will pop up and allow users to select multiple items. After the user selects the products and configures them they are added to the cart based on the configuration. As you can see there is very easy navigation for the user and makes the process of buying configurable products much easier as opposed to those on regular websites.


Flexible Usage

The extension allows for usage on multiple controls. You can apply it on:

  • add to cart button for category listing page and product detail page.
  • add to wishlist/add to compare buttons for category listing page and product detail page.
  • toolbar at product listing page for paging, sorting, previous, next buttons.

The desired effect can be easily controlled from the admin panel in your Magento dashboard.


The VS Ajax Catalog Tryouts

The extension appears to be working fine and does not run into any sort of browser compatibility issues. This is something that our magento developers checked out first knowing that Ajax has compatibility issues on multiple browsers. It is compatible with the latest version of Magento and is backwards compatible. We would definitely ask you to try this out for your store. This is in fact a must have if you are running a B2B eCommerce.

Also Try…

Try pairing this with other Magento extensions. You can try pairing this with Magento Daily Deal and MatrixRate for effect.


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