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Mar. 13

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Sixth extension to be up here on Maniacal Magento Mondays today is a slider for your Magento store. We will be looking today at Free Banner Slider extension from This is a much simpler extension among other extensions that have been discussed before. But sometimes simplicity can be a great virtue when it comes to eCommerce.

A Simplistic Slider

Free Banner Slider extension allows you to create banners with slider for your CMS and other category pages. The extension is of course allows you to deploy multiple banners on pages. What is handy is that its sliders can be filtered by stores and can work differently across each.  Free Banner offers quite good options. You will find other sliders but this is a Magento Slider and works around the platform which makes it’s working very useful.

Packing Great Utility

Free Banner Slider comes with a host of great advantages. First of these is that there is no limit to how many sliders you want to have. Neither is there any limit to the number of images that can be displayed in the sliders. This plugin has been tested across IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera for compatibility. You do not have to worry about the behavior of the slider for various browsers.

You can place the sliders in specific positions for both CMS in and category pages. Images can be displayed randomly or in sequence. What we loved most about the slider is that you can schedule aspects about it. You can show particular banners on specific dates and time. You can also let users specify banners on product pages. The last two capabilities are available in the paid version called the Professional I-Banner Slider.

The Verdict

The features are good and the Professional I-Banner Slider is worth the money. If not you can go for the Free Banner Slider anyway.

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