Maniacal Magento Mondays- Checkout Newsletter by QuickModules


Apr. 13

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checkoutnewsletter_boxWhen it comes to getting return customers a good idea is to keep them constantly updated with your offerings. That is why we lead such detailed social media campaign showing off each update and putting each of them on a pedestal for the entire world to see. Now social media is a fine medium for marketing and it is a great way to get to build up following by connecting on a personal basis. However it is necessary that you keep giving an extra scoop of updates to those who have closely engaged with the experience you provide. Usually the most appropriate way to do this is through newsletters. Today on Maniacal Magento Mondays we will be talking about Checkout Newsletter by QuickModules that will make the process of adding the option of users to opt for newsletters to your Magento ecommerce website.


A very simple to add Magento extension it can be used to great utility. A regular newsletter is a great way of telling your customers about your latest sales, newest products, and special offers.  Checkout Newsletter is a super simple extension for Magento which allows you to add a ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ checkbox onto your Checkout Page.  With Checkout Newsletter, your customers can sign up for your company’s newsletter with just a click of their mouse!

It is simple to subscribe to newsletters. There is a checkbox button on the checkout page. If it is ticked, then the customer has signed up for your newsletter. You can also have the checkbox ticked by default to make it an opt-out service. And that is simply it.Your newsletters will be there in your customer’s inbox whenever they check their inboxes the next time


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