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Jun. 16

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Recently while interviewing few candidates for a junior developer position, a question was asked to them, what they know about AngularJS? After going through their answers, it was clear that there is still some misconception around this topic.

People often compare it with jQuery or some other JS framework. This is completely wrong, how can you compare a gearbox with gears, this is surely related but these are two different things.

AngularJS is MVC Framework

It is a JavaScript MVC (Model View Controller) Framework that integrates two-way data binding, web services, and build web components. It has a very specific function –   moving data around and inside a single-page web application with that it dynamically updates the view as the data changes without the need for specific listener code.

It is believed it is quite like the HTML if that would have created to become the web application with rich interaction. That is the main purpose of AngularJS is making intricate applications which having rich layer of presentation with user interaction functionality.

Frankly, it is hard to tell that which type of application can be used best for web application. It all depends on the interface, functionality and lot many key aspects of the application. AngularJS can be used in numerous ways but then it all depends on logic and creativity of the developer.

There are countless situations where AngularJS outshines its counterparts. Lets check out some of the different web applications where it seems like made for them.

Single Page Applications

Actually, Single Page Applications are the most fundamental that was supposed to be the function of AngularJS. Just two subcomponents (ng-route & ng-view) and you can get  some of the tricky user interactions that too without any huge and varied HTML ecosystem latent to the application. The best thing with AngularJS is that it has more compact code with coherent functionality reflecting the underlying data.

CRUD Based Applications

CRUD is Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete, a type of application that is perfectly suited to AngularJS. It utilises the two-way data binding functionality which allows synchronisation of data changes done by the user and subsequently update the user interface with changed data. Eventually, its focus on UI and data presentation helps in building a stable and responsive frontend with dynamic data store applying AngularJS as an operator.

RESTful Applications

Just like CURD, it has focused on data presentation and two-way data binding. Thus, AngularJS happens to be classically well suited as the frontend framework for the web application developed over RESTful API.

Using AngularJS makes setting up an event-driven architecture to augment an underlying data API a very straightforward process. It makes it easy to enforce application’s data integrity and ensure that all changes are present in the underlying data store when it happens, rather than at a future synchronization point.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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