PHP 7 is on the way with very high speed

Major Update of PHP 7 is All Set to Release Next Year with High-Speed


Nov. 14

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The widely used scripting language PHP in website development domain is all set to update its latest version to accelerate server speeds and web development. This latest version is going to improve the performance and will be capable of accomplishing more tasks at a time. Besides some of the present features, many more special features will be added to boost up the speed of the server-side website development scripting language.

Skipping PHP 6

After the release of 5.x series, it was always expected the next update would be PHP 6, but instead of that it was skipped. “We are going to skip the PHP 6 just because it has been years we had planned and now we want to enhance the scripting language even faster than previous versions,” said Zend CEO Andi Gutmans, who has been involved in the development of this major update. He further added, “We are going to have some real improvements in this major update and now that it has been declared that it will be even faster, the applications will now run on its top speed.”

Areas focused on improvements

The two main areas of improvements are the hash tables and the memory allocations which play an important role in the overall speed of an application. The statistics presented on the stage of phpng in last month displayed that there will be up to 35% speedup on synthetic tests, real applications performance improvement will be 20 to 70% and besides that 60% improvement is to be seen on WordPress home pages and its memory consumption. The speed will be almost equal to an open source virtual machine, HHVM 3.3.0.

Elimination of existing features

There are few present features which Gutmans thinks they are no more used and to be disapproved in the latest update of PHP scripting language for website development. Some of the extensions that are to be deprecated are Ext/ereg and ext.mysql. It is not that the elimination is forever but they will be replaced with new extensions in the updated version of scripting language. This update will bring a major change in the technology of programming language.

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