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Mar. 13

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The third extension that is on our list allows you to modify the look and feel of how your visitors can navigate your ecommerce store. We are of course talking about Custom Menu by WebAndPeople. This handy little extension lets you put multiple levels of dropdown menus up to a fourth level.

Such an implementation has been seen in a number of website ranging from eBay to Flipkart and is a nifty way to navigate a shopping website with products in many categories.  It is not that different from the menu that you see on the eBay website. Only this one has more levels. You can show all subcategories together, customize the number of columns in the drop down and apply static blocks at the end of each of the drop downs as well.

Easy Navigation

What the extension does is that it replaces the standard Magento dropdowns. The advantage that the extension provides over the standard Magento menu is that it offers a multi column setup. This allows you to spread you drop downs over a wide area rather than having your users skim through a really long list of categories. Also the added static block is also very aesthetically pleasing and can be used as a showcase area for certain pages.

Customization of Custom Menu

What Custom Menu brings to the table is a highly customizable drop down menu that can be modified to suit one’s purposes. You can absolutely modify it in any way possible. You can set the maximum number of levels you want in the menu, the number of columns you want in them, whether smaller columns be stacked together. You can even configure the popup settings like width, its positioning like top and right offset.

Developer Acclamation

Our web developers had great fun testing it out and just loved it how freely you could modify it. Nilesh, one of our resident Magento developers says : “It is a very useful extension and you can modify it any  way to suit the conditioning of your visitors. You can make it as ergonomic or as power-user friendly as you can. ”

Well that says a lot about it. Why don’t you try it out on your Magento implementation and see for yourself? Trust us navigation on your site will be a breeze.


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