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In spite of a fruitful past month and all the recent achievements, we are halfway through the year 2018 enjoying monsoon in Ahmedabad. Let’s Nurture, being a leading IT offshore development company in India (Ahmedabad) has provided a huge platform to companies to improve customer interaction and speed up their response time resulting in better productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Operation Canada

1-1Let’s Nurture expanded its global presence further in Prince Edward Island, Canada to start its operations there while exploring new business opportunities. The team will be expanding our services and portfolios and Ketan Raval, our CEO will manage Canada operations to generate business from there. We, Team Let’s Nurture, wished our CEO, to take over the reigns of our Canada Division operations, and services.

Check out the website:

Our ODC was graced with multiple Client Visits

Client from Virginia, USA

Our esteemed client from Virginia visited our new offshore development centre in Ahmedabad and was in awe with our facilitation and office upgrades. She had been with us for two awesome days and she went with loads of love and warmth from our fellow employees. She also had brought multiple cakes to enjoy the happiness, success and cherish those unforgettable moments.

Client from Malaysia

It was our pleasure to facilitate a potential client from Malaysia who came to our offshore development center in Ahmedabad, especially to have a look at our Portfolio on IoT solutions for diverse industries along with POCs we developed. He was surprised at many of the solutions we proposed. He will be visiting back in a short time again but this time to take it to the next level.

Client from Washington DC, USA

Customers are indeed our partners in achieving success. Client visit from Washington DC have had been amazing as always. They were extremely happy when we showcased them our IoT based solution ‘Smart Plant’. He congratulated our Python programming team and appreciated our innovations which really give a true meaning to our brand name ‘Let’s Nurture’ by looking to transform the face of agriculture industry with IoT technology.

Fun Saturdays at Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture always believe in Nurturing their employees. It gives a platform where employees can improve their skills and treats its employees as families, so at the month end we had a playful session where every member starting from HR to getting down to interns everyone was included to have some quality time and refreshment.Let’s Nurture always appraise employees for their hard work and dedication. We are pleased to announce the promotion of Krunal to Team Lead of our WEB Team and Jaydip to Team lead of our Android Team. We have awarded employees with incentives and gifts.

Birthday Month of our CEO, Ketan Raval

Many Leo’s and Cancer’s had birthdays including CEO of Let’s Nurture, we celebrated the day by cutting cakes. Our digital marketing team made a special video on that special day where the management team and whole Team of Let’s Nurture wishes Ketan in the best way possible. The team makes its best to keep its employees happy. So, we had a photo session to capture all the smiling faces as memories.


We had a month full of events in july. Know how we conduct these events by subscribing to our blogs. Happy reading!

Welcoming New Joinees to our family

We always look for talented people to join our family.
Let’s Nurture welcomes Interns, selected from the campus drive held at Bhubaneswar in the month of March. Students for various profile like Android application development, Python development, Web development and Digital marketing were selected. New joinees had a great experience while seeking knowledge with lots of fun and were pleased to join the new family.

Event Campaign at Rajkot

We were invited as the top IoT
Startup company Karconnect to showcase our range of IoT solutions at the 5th Edition of SVUM (Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal) 2018 – International B2B & Exhibition at Rajkot, Gujarat. We offered IoT solutions such as Karconnect, SmartPlant, Medcheck, Smart museum Solution, etc. We had our audience mainly from African countries and some were localites of Gujarat. People from Industries like Medical, Retail, manufacturing, etc also participated. We successfully promoted our Brand as the Expert in IoT solutions and Services and made people aware about IoT and Karconnect.

In-house achievements and Project Deliverables

In terms of operations, milestones and achievements, web and mobile development teams have been consistent as always in terms of project deliverables.

New Projects on boarded

NFL Fantasy league Platform

Based on our extensive experience with, our in-house team had started creating Native iOS application, Native Android application and website for NFL using technologies XCode, JS, PHP/MySQL.

Beacon based retail marketing app

Yet again our mobile application development team and web team endorsed a Native iOS, Native Android app and Website for a start up company using EddyStone BLE , Swift, JS, PHP Laravel/MySQL

Smart Health Monitor system

We are the best IoT app development and IoT solutions company in India. Based on our extensive experience with web application development, our expert team got a project for development of Native iOS App and Native Android App for the client using Swift, JS, PHP Laravel/MySQL technologies.

KORI: A detector for plants     

Our inhouse web team recently initiated work on a working sensor that dictates light,humidity, temperature, amount of water and other properties that a plant needs. So, if the plant faces any deficiency, the device will send signals to the owner for further look up. We have used technologies like Arduino and Raspberry Pi with platforms like C++ and python. It has also included ESP modules to connect with clouds for data transfer purposes and 3D printer for hardware components. 

Projects Delivered

Marketplace Website for Used Car buyers


Marketplace Website for Used Car buyers
Marketplace Website for Used Car buyers

Let’s nurture with its web development team had this great prospect to  develop website for client using technologies like Angular 2, Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB. This website provides most modern highly responsive user interface which not only matches some of the leading apps but beats them in many regards. Features like book and appointment based on location. The client approved everything in first go. Project’s current status is we have delivered source code and handed over everything to client.

Revamp web application for corporates

Our knowledgeable PHP developers delivered a responsive web app that provides one step solution for all users. User can manage all his/her activities from one place. User can create a social network but only for corporate users. And users can buy/sell products they have.  

This website is also connected with the corporate website which is TheGates.Biz who helps facilitate accelerated go-to-markets for organizations across Technology Verticals through strategy and sales.

Website development for Healthcare Services

Yet again our website development team revamped the existing website on WordPress platform to a full responsive website for the client using technologies like PHP WordPress, Google analytics, MySQL to make it user friendly. The website visitors can reach out to doctor by either sending him a message or calling him from website and a map functionality that helps visitor to locate

GDG meetup at Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture held a seminar with GDG Ahmedabad on the title “A Joy Ride with Jetpack”. Jetpack is a pack of libraries, tools and architectural guidance that simply helps erase the nightmares of every Android developers out there. It brought some awesome improvements. We had Hardi Patel and Chintan Soni with us who delivered knowledge on high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regards to emerging technologies and about how to explore and strengthen your roots in Android development, also on various cross platform framework and tools, back-end and web technologies. Members who were included in the seminar were very thankful and found it very productive and useful.

Join our team

Let’s Nurture always thrives to deliver quality to the client as well as employees. Let’s Nurture also plies it’s trade in providing expert IoT Solutions, BLE/ iBeacon app development, Wearable app development, SmartHome solutions, GPS tracking solutions, On Demand Marketplace, Catalogue solutions, Automotive and Logistics solution and more. Discover a world full of opportunities, growth, and excellence. Join our amazing team.



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