Lets Nurture Spends the Wintry Days of December by Celebrating Several Events!

03 Jan. 15
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December is the time to develop cold feet…literally! It is the time to welcome the cold dry winter and a feeling of never getting out of your blanket conquers you. But thanks to the hot cocoas and steaming cups of tea, you can reach your workplace on time. 🙂 We are finally settled and doing great at our new workplace. Thanks to the wonderful ambiance at Lets Nurture, the developers, designers, managers, SEO team, writers and others can’t stop smiling. So here’s what we did during the cold, wintry days of December:


Welcoming new aspirants

Open Interviews letsnurture

For those who are unaware, the mission of Lets Nurture has always been to create more job opportunities and persuade fresh talents to prosper. With the same motive, we conducted a walk-in drive from 8th to 19th December. We were really happy to receive a great response as candidates belonging to different fields turned up for interviews.


After extensive rounds of interviews taken by the authorities and experts, Lets Nurture found treasures in the form of a Sr. iOS developer Bhushan and Web Designer Falguni, who are now a part of our esteemed organization.


Rendering love, warmth and hope

Rendering love, warmth and hope

Before we embarked upon the festival of Christmas, we had decided to indulge into the joy of giving like we do every year. is a part of our company through which we gratify the needs of underprivileged.


The employees of the company donated bundles of clothes and on 21st and 22nd December, we set out on the roads and streets of Ahmedabad to distribute clothes to the needy. It brought a precious smile on everyone’s faces and we felt like we spread the Christmas magic even before its arrival! If you are willing to donate or want to read more about how we undertake the charity activities, log on to


Christmasy celebrations

On the day of Christmas, we were all beaming with joy. After all, we had donated with a good will and to our heart’s content. Our office was decked up with candles, doorbells, strings of light and a wonderful Christmas tree! Dressed in Santa cap and an attire almost similar to Santa, the nurturer was welcomed with an applause and cheers by the team members. Our day began with a lovely Christmas carol and ended with laughter, joy and munching on the delicious treats.


Campus Connect

Colleges and campuses are where we find our treasures from. Hence, we do not leave any stone unturned in finding them. On 26th December, the nurturer himself headed out to the colleges in areas like Mehsana, Gandhinagar as well as Ahmedabad. Several students belonging to different institutions and colleges like GLS, LJ, B.H Gardi, Chimanbhai Institute of Commerce, Ganpat university joined us as trainees.


We hope that they have a very good time learning the basic and advanced levels of design and development at Lets Nurture. Who knows, we also might find some brilliant individuals who can join us as employees and add to the glory of our company.


Tech Fest at Lets Nurture

Tech Fest at Lets Nurture

Celebration of technology and innovation is not a big deal at Lets Nurture!

In fact, it happens every other day. The tech enthusiasts of our company often share the ongoings and news in the field of technology through vivid presentations and emails.


But on 27th December, we had planned to make it big. The employees were divided into different teams and were asked to develop and design different applications and websites on Beacon Apps, To do Lists, YouTube Channels, NFC innovations and Photo editing apps using Chromecast. The social media team was also involved actively and promoted the event throughout the day. After the presentations were given and before the results were announced, the jury thoroughly examined and analyzed each app and website.


No matter how big or small any event is, we can never miss out on the fun. Hence, we clicked a lot of selfies, laughed our hearts out on Siddhraj’s mimicry and cheered the team members with a huge rounds of applause. After a long day full of anticipation, the winners were finally announced. Each one of the winners was endowed with a trophy and surprise gift. Here’s the list of the people who grabbed the prices at the tech fest:


  • Best Web Design: Ronak
  • Best Mobile Design: Swayam
  • Best Website development: Ankit
  • Best Android App: Pratik
  • Best iOS app: Kirit
  • Best Title & Content: Rajal
  • Best Social Media Promotion: Rajal
  • Best New Joiner: Piyush and Ronak
  • Best website developer(senior category): Kalpesh
  • Best Team : Gold Team (Pratik, Manan, Swayam, Chitra, Hitesh)


The Tech Fest displayed an out and out panoply of creative excellence and we learnt a lot before, during and after the event. You must be lucky enough to be a part of Lets Nurture for experiencing the thrill and excitement that is in the air during such events. If you have great ambitions and a desire to make it big, this, is the place for you!


Celebrating birthdays

Celebrating birthdays letsnurture

This month we celebrated the birthdays of Nital and Nilesh and they were given surprise goodies from our company.


Nurturing IT, Nurturing lives


We loved to get noticed for good causes. ‘Blood Monk‘, a life saving blood donation app developed at Lets Nurture also got a coverage in one of the most renowned daily newspapers and we are very lucky that the app is getting downloaded in huge numbers. After all, we are here to nurture lives in some or the other way, aren’t we?

We bid a goodbye to the year gone by with a resolution to nurture ourselves in the best possible way. If you have comments, feedbacks or questions about our work or the different activities we undertake, get in touch with us on Happy New Year!


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