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Jan. 13

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vine-iconWe love twitter and how can we be late on platform launched by twitter? can give a special edge to creativity & video bloggers. It has ability to make cool intro. If you are not aware of :vine is a new video sharing application launched by Twitter. At this moment it is only available for iPhone & iPod. Just like instagram which has made people clicking picture everywhere , vine has something same kind of ability to create short 6 second video . After its launch people have started to post mini video clips with a great creativity and it has flooded on vine app. This 6 second thing can really make you addictive ( we already know addiction of twitter right?)

How to Register on Vine?

If you are twitter user you can get get it straightway. You just need to download vine and sign with twitter login.

How to Use Twitter’s Vine App?

After installing …Just touch on video recorder icon in your vine app. you will see video recording frame & progress bar in top of your screen. With your touch video will start recording and next touch it will pause.. with this you can easily record multiple scenes in 6 sec video.

What about Marketers?

At this moment no idea how long it will be useful for internet marketing technology. But it has something for brands , check out GAP’s Vine Video here & NBC’s Video


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