LetsNurture Embraces iBeacon Phenomenon for Technologically Advanced Apps

05 Apr. 14

Proximity Based Solution using BLE Device allows business to collect more data , accurate data, For example, if beacons are installed for each department of one big retail shop, it can help to collect data app user accessing which department at what time, what offer is being consumed more etc. Apart from the fantastic iBeacon app development, we also provide our own beacons with the logo of LetsNurture embossed on it. We have worked with various industries for implementing beacon technology.

iBeacon App Development For Various Industry & Expertise of LetsNurture

At LetsNurture, we believe in evolving along with the rest of the world. People are experimenting with iBeacon and putting this technology to use in a wide range of industries- banking, healthcare, restaurants, offices and lots more. LetsNurture has amazing experience in ibeacon app development for retailers, entrepreneurs, and others.

iBeacon (BLE) Devices

iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0 and geofencing over a limited range. The range of the device changes according to function and varies from a radius of a few centimeters to 10 meters. The device can send messages to mobile devices and also receive messages from them via applications specially created to support this BLE app development technology. Apps are made by companies and a user needs to download a company’s app on their phone in order to receive updates, notifications or offers from them.

iBeacon Application’s Real Use in Retail

As a retailer, you definitely want to woo more and more customers and promote your brand. Imagine walking into a bank and receiving a welcome message or directions to the cashier! How wonderful can it be to receive a promotional message on your smartphone for a particular product when you walk past it in a supermarket? Yes, iBeacon can do all of this and much more! Needless to say, the technology can boost business or sales.

Why LetsNurture For iBeacon/ BLE App Development

At LetsNurture, we are working to provide all possible benefits of this wonderful technology through special applications created by our team. Get in touch with us to know more!

We have been working iBeacon App Development and we have some great features developed

  • iBeacon Configuration Modules
  • Offer & Promotion Placement Modules
  • Push Notification Modules

We also have been a brand that has boosted the business of several companies through ibeacon development or BLE App Development. LetsNurture thinks that Beacons/iBeacons and BLE technologies are awesome.

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Why not share your thoughts with us on Beacons or approach us for your requirements? Get in touch with the right person for more information on BLE App development.

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