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Lets Nurture Embarks Upon the Year 2015 with Plentiful Celebrations!


Feb. 15

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On the last day of the year, you probably party, dance and sing your heart out to welcome the new year. But when January knocks on the doors with biting and forlorn cold, you might not feel the same way. Winter seems to be quite a lingering season if you hang on to the bygones. However, when it comes to Lets Nurture, things are quite different. We take the transition to the new year as a great opportunity to set new goals and accomplish them. After all, the new year is all about making new and better choices, isn’t it? 🙂
The January month at Lets Nurture began and ended with numerous celebrations. Whether it is a single employee or the teams, everyone contributed to spreading laughter, cheer and team spirit to achieve new targets. Here’s how our first month of the year went by:


Honouring the Stars

A lot of excitement crept in when we got to know that the last year’s efforts were going to be acknowledged by a unique award ceremony to be held on 3rd of January. After all, the stars of Lets Nurture make the company shine with their unique traits and ways. Different categories and nominations were announced including the Eco-friendly Person of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Leader of the Year, Responsive of the Year and the list goes on. The jury finalized the winners.


On the day of the award ceremony, we could see little surprises wrapped inside small and huge boxes. And when they were unwrapped, our joy knew no bounds! Each winner was endowed with a miniature toy relevant to their title and the little playthings were just too cute! With crayons, bells, toy goggles trumpets, slates and other wonderful prices, the ceremony reminded us of the good old childhood days. The winners did a little ramp walking on the floors of the office and received their prizes with great enthusiasm. It was definitely a day filled with nostalgia and laughter.

Lets Nurture Celebration

Celebrating Days

Monotony is one of the biggest enemies of boredom at work. Juggling between hectic schedules and projects everyday, one is sure to get stuck in a rut. Hence, there arises a need to have some happiness boosting activities for the employees to have a break. The management team came up with a concept of celebrating different days to keep the boredom at bay and bring sprightliness to enhance the productivity.


On the 5th of January, we celebrated the mis-match day. We were truly amused to see how the employees got dressed in weird attires from head to toe and displayed their creativity. 😉 12th January was a healthy day in our calender as everyone arrived with assorted salads in their tiffins and turned the lunch hour into a delicious treat! And on the 19th of January, we celebrated Tshirt day – A great way to bid goodbye to the formal attires at work. We are having a lot of fun with the celebration of these days and it is going to continue for the next month too. 🙂


Welcoming the Kite-Flying Day

The breezy days of January are just perfect for flying kites. And Ahmedabad is blessed with wide and open spaces to make the most out of these two days. As we were going to celebrate Uttrayan on the 14th and 15th, with our loved ones and family, we celebrated it with our colleagues on the 13th of January. The office was decorated with colourful kites of different shapes and sizes and scrumptious chikkis were distributed amongst the employees.


We were also shown funny videos of kite-flying attempts that failed miserably. However, a kite is the biggest example of courage as it goes up against the wind. We must have such undying spirits within us.

Lets Nurture creating coroporate culture


Cultivating corporate culture

Lets Nurture not only boasts of professionals who are skilled in their respective fields but also of nurturers, who impart knowledge to the trainees and amateur professionals. With the willingness to cultivate corporate culture amongst the trainees in the right way, we conducted training sessions of 45 minutes for a week. As a part of it, the beginners were taught communication skills, email etiquettes, ways of behaving in corporate culture and other finishing skills. The new team of trainees included Nilesh, Pranay, Abhishek, Purvesh, Sahil, Indrajeet, and Pratima. We hope that they will learn a lot during their journey with Lets Nurture and contribute with their fresh inputs.


Embracing new employees

This month, we added four new members to the Lets Nurture family. Ankit and Darshan joined the iOS and Android team respectively. Atul is now a part of our PHP team and the Business Development team welcomed Karan.

Lets Nurture is looking for knowledgeable and well-versed candidates for senior profiles including Content Writers, Project Managers, Designers as well as PHP, Android and iOS developers. If you think you have the right skills needed for any of these profiles, you can get in touch with us on . Our doors are always ajar for you. Keep reading this space for more updates from us. Until then, keep smiling. 🙂


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