Lets Nurture Adds More Features to ‘Mantra App’ for Enhancing the Spirituality of Users!


Feb. 15

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Spirituality has been an innate value in thousands who follow Hinduism. Mantra, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in enhancing a spirituality of any person. Evolving from two Sanskrit words “Manas” meaning mind and “Trai” meaning freedom, Mantra is chanted by several people during meditation. Right from the words like “Om” to “Ram”, they form amazing sound-waves that heal the person.

With the advancement in technology, several companies are plunging into making apps that help people to keep their spirituality alive even after going through hectic schedules. All one has to do is to is to download the app and chant the mantras my listening to them. Lets Nurture, an IT outsourcing firm based in Ahmedabad has rendered the spiritual souls with an app named ‘Mantra’ that includes chants for different deities, gods and goddesses one follows.

We had a conversation with one of the application developers of the Mantra App when he said that “We wanted to make sure that we provide the daily meditators with something that they value the most. If there is any mantra missing in the app, the users can also add it .” He further added that “Lets Nurture has come up with a new design for the Mantra App and we have also added the Lakshmi Gayathri Mantram so that one can gain more prosperity by chanting the mantra.”

You can know more about the Mantra App by visiting the Google Play Store and download the app for your utility here.


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