Learning Cooking Virtually with Augmented Reality


Oct. 16

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When it comes to cooking, our mouth starts watering to eat yummy foods. But, have you ever tried to learn cooking? How to cook such delicious meal?

Earlier, to learn cooking, people preferred to read books or a news magazine column to learn new recipes. This trend went on for decades until electronic gadgets like television and radio came in trend. The rage to watch/ hear “Cooking Shows” was at the peak among all.

But with the span of time, the rage decreased. With the invention of smartphones and internet, people started watching videos over the internet to learn the recipes.

Current Trends to Learn Cooking

The youtube videos, blogs, articles and social media share helped learners to master their tried cuisines. The best part was an audio/visual effect of the chef who taught to cook a particular recipe.

Eventually, many applications based on Android and iPhone platforms were developed, which helped viewers the most. Several websites were also developed where experts shared their recipes on any cuisine to others. Nowadays, even online lectures and tutorials of the cooking sessions are available.

But, this is not enough when technology is growing to the next level day by day.

Now what Next?

The technological world is turning towards IoT solutions, Smart Solutions, Augmented Reality based Solutions for almost every little thing. For example, many interior decorators provide an option of Augmented Reality through which their clients can actually feel the object really present.

These help to get the vision of the things. Though it is not a reality, but virtual is for sure beneficiary than an imaginary. If such things are possible in the current technological world, then why this can’t be implemented to learn cooking?

Learn Cooking with Augmented Reality Technique

It is indeed jaw-dropping to know one can learn cooking with the help of Augmented Reality technique. But, I must say it is the most amazing way to learn cooking, as it is simply harmless and innovative.

Many videos, cookbook apps and audios have made it is easier to learn cooking these days. However including AR into it will cater a smart, safe, virtual and advanced medium to learn cooking. I personally feel that this is the best medium to learn cooking. I know that my colleagues have shared their views regarding AR   Let me share my views for the same.

Virtual Visualizer to Learn Cooking

We all are aware that to learn cooking is not a cup of tea for all. Cooking simply not mean to stir ingredients added in a pan. It is essential to perfectly chop off veggies, add right ingredients in proper proportion, cook well, get proper texture and yummy smell that tempts you and near ones to eat the food.

At an initial stage, all this gets actually very difficult to manage and that too near the flame. So, looking to the risk of flame and knife injuries, I purely recommend adapting AR technique to learn cooking.

The AR mobile cooking app can help visualize the virtual food just like a real food in the pan. By using unique augmented reality technology, you can see realistic changes in the food with just a tap of the screen. Experiment with including various ingredients help you to know about the appearance of the food.

Advantages of Virtual Cooking

Such mobile technology solution can not just help individuals but also the cooking experts to give the right information and guidance to the learner. Augmented Reality, being a mobile technology it is easily accessible and carried to varied locations for helping the learners to visualize the food before the actual meal is prepared. The technique can not only be used for the one who wants to learn cooking, but also for the one who loves to learn things in a high-tech way.

  • Less wastage of food.
  • No risk of cuts and flame.
  • Easy for customer’s visualization.
  • Freedom to chose different items at same time.
  • A quick experiment with various ingredients.
  • Safe and exciting way to learn how to cook.

LetsNurture has always the motto to work on innovative techniques to ease the woes of customers. When the world is moving swiftly towards the Smart Solutions for each and everything, LetsNurture also adapt to match the steps with the innovations. Currently, maybe there are limitations in this technique, but in the near future, AR will be integrated into many other things to increase customer experience.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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