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Oct. 16

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Each one of us who have to travel place to place in seeking out right property solution must be aware of the challenges that it poses. Sometimes all the effort, time and money that one spends to visit real estate properties are baseless.

After personally visiting properties every time to conclude that they do not meet your bare minimum requirement or the likely amenities, is kinda cumbersome thing.

So how could you get over this? Perhaps you could ask your real estate broker to provide you with a property site portfolio. Or you can even consider visiting a real estate website on your laptop/smartphone and browse through the image gallery.

Providing Comprehensive Real Estate Solution over Wide Kiosk inTouch

Nowadays many real estate providers assist the buyers by facilitating property browsing through large screen offerings. Several wide screen Kiosk  inTouch are situated outside shops and malls to let buyers browse through the property image gallery.

Captures Info Details

By providing an user friendly interface, the program attempts to capture all your important info details. Like the name of a person, address, property type interested in, budget, email, phone number and preferred time to contact.

The touch screen display also lets you to select the location where you intend to purchase or rent a property. You can then opt to choose one that befits you by scrolling through the image gallery and glancing at the details.

Show Property Briefing

Primarily the property briefing details include total carpet area, number of rooms balconies bathrooms offered, lifts car parking and other amenities. Infact property briefing also entail property pricing information, rentals and other maintenance charges applicable. Optionally the touch screen display also lets you to view the company’s profile and learn about lender’s other deals and offerings.

Offers 3D Modeler, Floor Planning & Layout

Another priceless feature of touch screen kiosk solution is its 3D model viewer. On the display screen you can 3D visualize your entire home from every different angle. Some 3D videos also attempts to walk you through the entire property, beginning from the property’s front gate.

Most files are created using softwares like 3D studio, Autocad and Blender and are readily available for user’s reference. A gallery full of images detailing floor layout and planning are also accessible easily.

Accessible Image Gallery & Detailed Image Info

The property solution platform offers you with gallery of property images compacted into grid of thumbnails. As soon as you click the desired thumbnail the image zooms out into a full screen image display. In the sidebar display, you can view detailed description of the property contained within the image like bed room, living room or the kitchen.

Shows Properties Nearby & Bank Associations

As you slide and select properties on the display screen, the interface also lists out on the map all the properties in the nearby region. So if you find a particular property priced little higher, you could consider other similar properties in the surrounding radius.

All the major banks affiliated with a particular property or house premises are also listed out. You can also view bank’s contact information or approach them directly to check out EMI options and interest rates to avail property loan.

All the Other Facilities on Offer

Often along with property details, demographics information and places of importance  in the surrounding region are also mentioned. Like how far is children school, or the nearest tube station, grocery stores or the jogger’s park. Besides all the properties under development, are displayed along with their approximate time for completion.

Ability to visualize your entire property on the big screen, prior to actually visiting them make things really convenient. You can get the look and feel of the property and all the amenities on offer on a single platform. All in all Kiosk inTouch solution will be the future of real estate and property dealing.

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