Use of Gyroscope Sensor in Mobile App Development


Aug. 14

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At LetsNurture, we aim to deliver cutting edge solutions that stand out in the marketplace. For more than six years, we have worked on various complex Projects and delivered excellent results. The simple reason of our success is – our teams of android and iOS developers are excited about Mobile Application Development. And the reason – they get to deliver a real-world Mobile Applications.

Desktops and Laptops are not equipped with accelerometers and thermometers. A desktop only game cannot leverage the data from various sensors an Android or Apple device can obtain such as – angular velocity and acceleration. And all those extravagant Mobile games we play using Motion sense in a Tablet, Phablet or a Smart Phone is due to one of the key features of Mobile Phones i.e. Gyroscope Sense.

Implementations of Gyroscope Sense in Mobile App Development

  • Availability to trigger a number of preset events based on different set of motions by the user e.g. shaking the phone to lock
  • A Camera App for picture and video capturing eradicating the effect of vibrations
  • Auto rotation of the view when the Phone is rotated
  • Angular motion in a Mobile Game by 3D motion of the device
  • Smooth rotations and functional execution of various commands in the game by 3D Motion

Gyroscope brings the real life experience through Mobile App Development

There is compass and accelerometer sense in the Mobile Phone. Compass gives direction only and accelerometer captures the linear motion (2D). So putting in simplest of the words – the difference between Gyroscope and Accelerometer is they provide velocity and speed, respectively.

Therefore, gyroscope is capable to provide precision motion inside the App functionality. And hence, user can execute majority of the tasks with the motion of the device only.

Gyroscope – Motion against Gravity and Perfect for Game Development

Since the iPhone 4 launch by Apple, Gyroscope has been the core of Motion gaming. Today’s mobile apps cannot even be imagined without Gyro. But an important fact is Gyroscope and Accelerometer – together captures a 6-dimensional angular motion. And therefore, the mobile apps developed using Gyroscope sensor is much likely to provide the charismatic user experience than the one without.

Augment Reality is our domain

Augmented Reality (AR) is all about implementation of the various sensors of the Smart Phone and Tablets. And ensuring the maximum utilization of the latest firmware the App is expected to support. Our teams of engineers have successfully mastered these domains and enchanted our clients with the results. So why not visit our portfolio and be familiar with our work. And to request the free quote of our services, send us an email to

Get in touch with us now to share your ideas and we will help you to turn them into a reality.


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