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Sep. 16

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Kids safety is the prime concern of the parents. Thousands of kids go missing every year in the US alone, the numbers are alarming. Most of the people don’t make any efforts until unless they become part of someone’s missing from their own family. We hope that something of this sort never happens to your loved ones. But, should we just sit, relax and hope for the best or should we do something to prevent it?

Kids Safety – a Paramount

Parents are always cautious about the children, right from the food habits of choosing the friend circle. And that’s how it should be. It’s better to be cautious and preventive rather than be regretting later for mishappenings. Safety concerns of parents are not exaggerated, it’s just the matter of time.

In this busy world, technology has paved before us a great possibility of live tracking and keeping a precautious eye on our children. Let’s face the truth. Today’s parents are busy making money so that they can support the dreams of their children. Therefore, in this dissipated routine of life, its is getting difficult to keep a vigil eye on our kids but still it remains our paramount duty.

Prevalent Technology

A simple mobile based technology with GPS and other sensors can be of great use to the parents. It is a more viable option with regards to the era we are living in. Real time tracking manager for the complete family is the basic criteria of any safety mobile app. The use of positioning sensor is a tool that is widely used in different apps for tracking purpose.

There are many apps available today with this kind of technology. There is hardly any feature in them that can make them highly distinctive. Some of the apps have features like showing battery level of the connected users or the SOS button.

Another feature is geofencing, which enable users to set the free zone for others. If stepped outside the zone, the user will receive a notification alert to know the suspicious movement. It is very useful for parents to know if the child is away from the pre-defined area.

Better Technology for Kids Safety

The problem with the available technology for kids safety is that of carrying a bulky smartphone all the time. We encourage our children for outdoor activities and minimise the use of mobile and other gadgets. But giving them mobile at such an early age just for their safety purpose is not the solution.

A cool and smart watch which looks like any other wristwatch for kids but it has much more to offer. The smart watch can connect to the smartphones held by parents. Allowing them to keep tabs on kid’s location and communicate quickly. The mobile app in the parent’s phone allows parents to dial the smartwatch to talk to kids. The watch works with a sim card and acts just like a phone.

Smartwatch is next in Safety

The upcoming technologies in this field will be more based on smart watch concept. Simply because it is easier to be handled and serves the purpose of safety and tracking of children. Many government ministries and NGOs working for child welfare are also exploring the idea of the smartwatch. This can be very beneficial to curb the child abduction and human trafficking.

We need some kind of smart technology that can do the needful yet refrain them towards the use of mobile devices. Such a technology is being visualised in the smartwatches or smart bands. These are quite similar to our regular watches and fitness bands. All they have an added GPS tracker with call receiving sensor and SOS alerts sending system.

There is a point I would like to bring in here. These kids safety mobile apps are just an aid for better parenting. Also, they cannot replace the duties and responsibilities of a parent. Therefore, the personal care of a parent is needed most to strengthen the kid’s mental abilities.

LetsNurture has worked upon many apps for kids and apps with BLE, smartwatch and geo-tracking solution. So an app to safeguard kids is something for which you can trust us. Do write to us for any feedback or suggestions on twitter @letsnurture. You can also mail us at, if you want to discuss some business.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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