Kairos T-Band: A Smart Band That Works with Any Watch!


Jan. 15

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Technology is bombarding us with brilliant wearable designs everyday. And the ones who have them in their kitty are very lucky! You’ve definitely heard of smart watches but you might not be sure whether you should have them. Well, how about wearing a band that connects to your current normal watch and offers notifications and step tracking?


Kairos T-Band

Kairos has come up with a wonderful range of bands for people who do not have fancy requirements. Its basic band named ND, doesn’t have a display and just vibrates by sensing the data and sending it to your phone. But it’s other invention named ?T-BAND ND has been designed for the individuals that want basic notifications, health data monitoring and more through a coloured LED display. Though it doesn’t have a very fancy display or touch screen, it solves the purpose of sending what is needed.


For businessmen with small needs

For businessmen with small needs

It is a brilliant wearable for the businessmen who just need notifications or regular updates on the go. With the ND model, the battery life lasts more than 7 days and has multiple sensors like 9-axis gyroscope, compass, optical sensor as well as accelerometer. It also has a Galvanic Skin Sensor that detects the temperature of the skin as well as sweat.


Plethora of functions

The Kairos operating system will send push notifications like messages, information about incoming calls as well as apps through a multi-color LED indicator and/or vibrator motor. You can also buy other models with touch sensitive displays. The model which costs  $1,200 can be bought along with a mechanical watch.


You never know whether this band will succeed or not. But one thing is for sure,  it is a very intelligent idea and the developers have come up with a great way to implement it. Let’s hope that it becomes successful as soon as it hits the market. Way to go for wearables!

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