June brings new Opportunities at Let’s Nurture: Leading IT outsourcing company

10 Jul. 18
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The month of June brought monsoon showers, sigh of relief from the hot and humid climate at Ahmedabad, and welcomed new ventures at Let’s Nurture. At our new IT outsourcing center in Ahmedabad, we took a dare of challenging stereotype office seating arrangements which usually breaks communication, team assembling as well as affects creativity & productivity.

Let's Nurture IT outsourcing center in Ahmedabad
Let’s Nurture IT offshore development center in Ahmedabad (India)

It’s Time to Nurture Australia



Being the leading IT outsourcing company, Let’s Nurture expanded our global presence further in APAC territory by setting up a new office in Melbourne, Australia in a process to start operations there. We, Team Let’s Nurture, wished our APAC Regional Director with best wishes to take over the reigns of our Australian Division, operations, and services.

iOS Development Team is Buzzing post iOS 12 Launch



Being a top iPhone app development company in India and USA, we are excited than ever, our research and development team has been on all the new prospects through which we can upgrade the features of applications which the help of iOS 12 like:

  • Augmented Reality – Improve face tracking is now supported by the ARKit 2.0, more realistic experiences such as rendering and sharing. USDZ file format has been introduced which will enable you to share 3D design used in AR.
  • Photos App – Redesigning of the photos app is been done and a new tab “For you” has been newly introduced.
  • Memoji and new Animojis – Now you will be able to design an emoji which looks like you, called Memoji.
  • Siri – Siri now comes with a brand new Shortcut concept, along with suggestions. Multiple tasks can be triggered by just one command.
  • Carplay – Carplay now supports third-party navigation


Apple launched ios 12
Apple launched ios 12

Fun Saturdays at Let’s Nurture


Fun Saturdays at Let’s Nurture
Fun Saturdays at Let’s Nurture


At Let’s Nurture we work hard and party harder, We had a very fun filled June where,

  • We celebrated International Yoga Day and encouraged our employees to do yoga regularly.
  • We played Games which increased the bond between the employees and the taught them the power of TeamWork. These games really help in bringing much-needed environment that is needed at any workplace- says one of the Team Leaders in web app development.
  • We always pamper our employees with the best, pizza and Burgers Treats and Birthday celebration in exchange for their Hard Work.

Skill development Saturday


  • The Team Leaders of our Android/ iOS Application Development trained the Team members with the lessons like React Native Training, Video Calling POC, Tic Tac Demo, Human API and Other 3rd parties.
  • Our Web development team learned about Node API Integration with MongoDB and MySQL- Jenkins CI integration and ViewChat: Responsive design for Dashboard.
  • For our business Team, they acquired knowledge on XD Wireframe, Internet of Things,  On-demand apps, Portfolio familiarisation.


Excellent Projects Onboarded And Delivered

Projects Delivered

iBeacon SDK based Application

Our knowledgeable BLE/ibeacon development team delivered an SDK based application, that is basically a wrapper library which detects beacons near you and presents detailed information about beacon properties, we provided SDKs to them and APIs to develop their own Beacon app and Web admin for beacon management, the client was overwhelmed to see the performance of our team.

Social Messaging Application


Social Messaging Application
Social Messaging Application


Yet again our mobile application development team and web team delivered a social messaging app that allows the user to take a profile video by using the integrated camera function working on both the Android and iOS platforms that too before the deadline.

Alexa Skill: Check my BMI

Our expertise in Alexa skill development is expanding day by day, hence we worked on checking the Body mass index in Alexa Skill Development.

Google home Assistant: Check my BMI

Google is any software company’s best friend and with the Google Assistant which is a virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices and we worked on checking the Body Mass Index in Google Home Assistant.

New Projects Onboard this Month!!

Smart Farming Management System

We are the best IoT app development and IoT solutions company in India. Our team recently initiated work on a working prototype for the Smart farming management system, wherein crop status, ambient conditions & irrigation are managed remotely, through a series of Sensors and controlling mobile apps.

Bike Rental Web Application

Based on our extensive experience with web application development, Our Web Team recently started working on a Web Application, wherein user can use the application to rent bikes at any remote location.

Prospective Projects in Research And Development:

  • Our team recently initiated Proof of concept for Google fit and apple health which will give accurate step count and time.
  • And We also created POC on human API integration using the TensorFlow

New Services Added in our offerings

Being the top-notch IT company providing software solutions like mobile app development, web application development, and SEO service, added more skills like CAD Services, React Native Development and Python Application development Services to our offerings.

Join Our Team

Let’s Nurture always delivers the best for its clients as well as employees. Join our team and become a part of the fun we do at work. And discover a world full of opportunities, growth, and excellence.

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; working together is the success”

Join our amazing team.

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