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Nov. 12

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Lets Nurture has has started a new effort in its initiative to make a difference in the world. In its latest effort to give back to the society we are going to distribute clothes among the underprivileged people surviving in Ahmadabad.

With winters being harsh in Ahmedabad many people do not have enough clothing for themselves let alone keeping themselves warm. We can at least help these people by sharing with them the excess and unused clothing we have holed up in closet and storerooms and distribute it among people who are in dire need of it.

Those living in Ahmedabad will know that the already setting in with temperatures already fluctuating drastically from 30 to 22 degrees Celsius. This is not a healthy for someone roaming out in the open. Originally planned for 26th December we are planning to move up the date for the distribution after considering the fact that it is getting colder.

Many people do not have proper homes and some of those who do have them have homes of poor build. Humanity compels us to at least offer what little bit we can so that these people have to suffer less for this upcoming winter.

It is a moral duty of ours to share essentials like food and clothing that we have in excess with those who cannot afford.

You are more than welcome to join our organization in helping out others. You can donate your old clothes  and do your part in keeping a person warm through the difficult season.

To all of you George RR Martin fans consider this: ”Winter is Coming.

P.s.: Really could not help a Game Of Thrones quote.

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