Is Apple Watch going to make music streaming service fascinating?


Jun. 15

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At last Apple revealed its music streaming service called “Apple Music” at WWDC. With iTunes and iPod the company already has a connection with the music; however this announcement sounds like a declaration of war on pandora and spotify.  “We’ve had a long relationship with music,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “And music has had a rich history of change, some of which we’ve played a part in.” Apple music services include music downloads, streaming radio, and a streaming music service into a single application. Like most advanced administrations, it guarantees to take in your tastes and prescribe awesome music likewise.

People have always loved Apple brands like iPad, iPod, iPhone and it’s the faith of people in Apple that Apple is going from strength to strength in the business.
Well, let’s comprehend as what makes Apple so confident about “Apple Music” even though it had its share of failures earlier in music streaming service.

Huge Customer base:

800 million apple users and more those can be converted into streaming clients. It has the data of the payment of streaming purchase. This makes it potent for Apple to have a real good start. Right now, Spotify and Pandora are the ones who have captured the streaming market but Apple would need around 200 millions of its current users to subscribe for streaming service to come at par with these two giants. To make its chance thicker, Apple is in talks with the famous musicians like Taylor Swift and has also approached Florence and Machine bands to appeal to the young music lovers.

Apple Watch:

Apple watch is coming in trend, the more people know about it the better it gets. Apple watch is such a convenient way for music streaming and Apple is totally counting on it. It is iOS compatible and linked with cloud sharing technology, giving users the comfort of accessing apple stored music playlist.


With Apple watch people can stream music anytime anywhere and yet their hands are free. Whether you are in a crowded bus or train all you need to do to make changes is to swipe the watch face or flip the wrist and you are done! Searching through a music playlist sometimes make it boring, the new digital crown to the side of the Apple Watch allows owners to rotate easily through lists without having to touch the screen or enter information on a keypad.
Apple Music will cost $9.99 per month or $14.99 for a family plan with up to six accounts, and offer a three-month free trial when it debuts June 30. There will also be versions for Android and Windows, competing ecosystems from Google and Microsoft.

The three selling point for Apple Music

  • Playlist by experts and contracted by Apple
  • Social networking type offering-“Connect”- connecting musicians to fans
  • To feature 24 radio stations called Beats One

In this way, for the time being the blushing picture stays till June. A great deal of expectation is entrusted on Apple’s innovation and mastery to truly make an imprint and pivot the music streaming industry. People are eagerly looking up to Apple to take the music streaming industry by a stir and give them an experience that makes music a different affair.


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